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Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

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Brown microfiber couch.

Microfiber is a favorite upholstery for furniture. Because it is generally used on couches and chairs, it is subjected to a lot of use and abuse. This is a guide about cleaning microfiber furniture.


Solutions: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

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Tip: Cleaning a Microfiber Couch

Microfiber is polyester based so most things can be used to clean polyester. If your couch has a tag: W means you can use water based cleaner, S means you can use a solvent cleaner, S-W means you can use both, and X means vacuum only.

For S-W fabrics: Use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water in equal parts, or vodka (a clear alcohol). The fabric usually becomes hard after cleaning, so gently scrub with a soft scrub brush. It will fluff up the fabric to make it soft again.

By coville123 from Brockville, Ontario

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Here are questions related to Cleaning Microfiber Furniture.

Question: How Do I Clean Stains Off Microfiber Furniture?

How can I clean microfiber furniture? Most of the stain is skin oil, but there are other spills that I don't know what they are. I don't want to ruin the fabric.

By Michelle from USA


Most Recent Answer

By Home Office Furnishings05/04/2011

Believe it or not I have used those small packages on single "Shout" stain cleaners. Those things seem to work on everything. Good luck.

Question: Soda Stain on Microfiber Furniture

How do you clean a dried pop stain off of a microfiber couch?

By Tiffany from Casper, WY


Most Recent Answer

By Carly St.Clair [7]05/12/2010

50/50 vinegar and water

if still there, sprinkle with baking soda and then a little vinegar
It will fizz and get it out. Rinse well or it will bleach over time.

Question: Cleaning Microsuede Furniture

I need info on how to clean a cream microsuede couch and love seat.

By Freda from Portsmouth, VA

Most Recent Answer

By Judie04/10/2010

After working for La-Z-Boy furniture, I can tell you the only thing ever recommended was soap & warm water. The cleaning code for Microfiber is W (water). Be very careful with chemicals and solvents, they can destroy the fabric. Never go near Microfiber with something like nail polish remover, it will eat it up.

Question: Lip Balm Stains on Microfiber Sofa

Can anyone tell me how to get Carmex (lip balm) out of dark green micro fiber sofa. She tried a shampooer and it only made it worse. It is a large area as my niece's daughter smeared it all over herself and then rolled on the couch. Thanks.

By Nancy from Mokena, IL

Most Recent Answer

By leanne chaisson [44]11/25/2009

I am assuming that lip balm is wax based, if so an old issue of good housekeeping magazine suggested using an iron and kraft paper to get wax out of fabric. I would suggest using a low heat on the back of the couch as I am not familiar with what microfibre fabric is, if it does not harm the fabric it would be worth trying the above suggestion on a small corner of the stain, and deciding whether or not to continue
Hope this helps. Hugs, Cinnamon

Question: Cleaning a Microfiber Couch

I am looking for a homemade cleaner to clean my microfiber couch. I need suggestions to remove spots and pet odors from my microfiber couch.


Most Recent Answer

By tpoldberg08/23/2012

I used a microfiber cloth on mine worked great. My sister said she used a magic eraser and it worked great too.

Question: Stains on Microfiber Couch

I have a few ring stains on my micro fiber couch (from my little one's sippy cup). So far I have tried Resolve upholstery cleaner, but that did not help. Does anyone have a better idea?

By Erin J. from Chicago, IL

Most Recent Answer

By washingtonapple03/21/2012

Try baby wipes. What color is it?

Question: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

Our love seat and couch is microfiber and the whole thing needs to be cleaned. The arms are especially stained. Any good ideas to clean the entire couch and love seat?

By Marianne

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]02/24/2012

I would probably have it professionally cleaned, that way you wouldn't end up with mixed spots and stains. A solid color is awfully hard to keep clean and if in the cleaning process it gets more damp in some spots, you might get uneven degrees of clean.

Question: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

I have the new microfiber on my chair and it collects every crumb and piece of lint! Is there any way to prevent this or clean it easily when it collects crumbs.

By Denise C.

Most Recent Answer

By Linda Lou Whitfield F. [6]10/31/2011

I hate my microfiber recliner. I have purchased a cover for it, but I did use window spray on a rag to clean for a while. But the dirt just got worse and worse. I'll never buy microfiber again!

Question: Cleaning a Microfiber Couch

Can I use Oxiclean on my microfiber couch?

By Renee

Most Recent Answer

By Marti S. [20]06/03/2011

Don't know about Oxiclean, but on ours we use rubbing alcohol, the higher percentage the better. Dries quickly, and doesn't stain as water would.

Question: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

I have a male dog that likes to get on my microfiber couch. At times he leaves little white stains. How can I get this to come out? All I have tried was water and dish detergent, that did nothing. Please help.

By Tracy from WI

Most Recent Answer

By MellyMel 02/06/2011

Try babywipes. I prefer huggies! I have a bulldog and he drools all over the couch. Somehow his eye boogies get on there too. Baby wipes have taken blood out of the couch too!

Question: Removing Sawdust from Microfiber Furniture

I have a microfiber sofa and love seat, that are two months old. The color is beige. I have no problems getting stains out. My husband has a woodshop and sawdust gets on the furniture. How can I get it off? I have tried to vacuum it, but it just does not come off. I have to take a damp towel and almost beat the sofa to make the dust come off. My cushions are not removable. Any help would be appreciated.

By RachelleD from LA

Most Recent Answer

By Denise C. [2]10/29/2011

Have you figured out any thing? I have a similar problem.

Question: Keeping White Microfiber Furniture Clean

How do I keep off white microfiber furniture from getting dirty and stained?

By Phyllis from Lawton, OK

Most Recent Answer

By kathleen williams [76]04/18/2010

Step 1 Vacuum the furniture thoroughly to remove any dust, debris or sharp items that might tear or damage the furniture.

Step 2 Dampen a white cloth with a small amount of dish soap and gently swirl it over any marks, stains or food spots. Take a clean, dry white cloth and briskly rub the newly cleaned area, circling widely into the already dry areas to blend the two together. Repeat occasionally until the furniture is completely dry.

Step 3 Remove food that is stuck to the fabric by gently rubbing until the food dissolves. Do not try to pry or pick it off as this will tear the fabric, causing permanent damage to the furniture.

Step 4 Use a baby wipe to remove ink, crayons, marker and other tough stains. Baby wipes will also clean away water rings left by washing with straight water or an incorrect detergent.

Step 5 Wet a magic eraser and ring out excess moisture to remove sticky substances like gum and candy.

Step 6 Keep your microfiber furniture clean with occasional cleansing with the fabric attachment for your steam cleaner. If you don't have a steam cleaner, you can rent one. Good luck.

Question: Using OxiClean on a Microfiber Sofa

Can I use OxiCLean on a microfiber sofa. They are brown and they have black water ring stains on them.

Lourdes from New York

Most Recent Answer

By Cyinda [214]12/15/2007

I first test the oxyclean on an underneath or back area of the sofa where you can't see it. This way if they oxy-clean fades the fabric, you'll know & won't use it. I'd first try my favorite organic stain remover HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (meaning it always removes ORGANIC, or natural stains, stains caused by "Natural" things.... Peroxide will remove grape juice, but not grape drink or kool-aid) Peroxide will remove blood (straight ammonia also works wonders with dried on blood!), red wine, hot cocoa & coffee stains, but nothing with artificial dyes or colors. But I don't know about your problem... It's worth a try... but ALWAYS FIRST DO A SAMPLE TEST AREA before using any new cleaner.

DIRECTIONS: Just pour the peroxide on the area & wait, then blot with a white towel or white rag... Then repeat if needed. (I left the peroxide on an area of wall to wall carpet with dried on coffee stains for about 20 min then blotted & added more peroxide & rubbed it in with my finger or toothbrush & waited another 20 min, then blotted till dry. It worked wonders! The coffee stains were TOTALLY gone!) No rinsing is needed & peroxide leaves no residue. OR you can put the peroxide in a small, well marked spray bottle & spray it on... You can also use a tooth brush & dip the toothbrush into the peroxide & scrub a bit. But first, let the peroxide sit a bit to do it's "fizzing-thing". Never use the peroxide made for bleaching hair, it's WAY to strong! Just use the cheap kind you but at the grocery or drug store. It's with the first-aid supplies.

If you DO use the oly-clean, make sure to dilute it with alot of water first!... I'm wondering if after the area cleaned with the oxyclean sits in the sun for a while if it might fade quicker than the rest of the fabric... Does anybody know if this is true???

Question: Vaseline on Microfiber

Does anyone know how I can remove Vaseline from a Microfiber dining chair (with non removable covers)?

Most Recent Answer

By Carmella (Guest Post)02/04/2007

I have the same question. Is there anybody out there that can give any advice??? Thanks

Question: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

How do I remove white spots from microfiber chairs?

By Ruth

Question: Removing Red Kool-Aid on Microfiber

How do I get red Kool-Aid out of micro fiber?

By Karen

Question: Removing Puppy Pee from Microfiber Couch

How do I clean puppy pee from a microfiber couch? Please help.

By Sylwia O.

Question: Cleaning a Microfiber Sofa

I have everyday usage soil stains and blood stains from my dog. What can I use that won't harm the fabric protection I had put on it when I purchased it?

By Vicki S.

Question: Removing Puppy Pee from Microfiber Furniture Covers

How do we get out puppy pee from our micro weave furniture covers?


Question: Removing Stains on Microfiber Furniture

I have washed my microfiber cushion covers in the washing machine, but there are still round stains on the covers. How do I get the stains out of my cushion covers?

By Justina

Question: Cleaning a Microfiber Sofa

I just bought a beautiful medium grey microfiber sofa from a thrift store. I got an awesome deal on it (only $20). It's actually in very good condition. The only thing is, it has a few stains here and there, some light, some dark. I want to thoroughly clean it and give it some TLC to bring it back to it's former glory, but I don't want to ruin my bargain find.

Should I just take the seat covers off and throw them in the wash and steam clean the rest of the sofa? I also want to re-stuff the seat cushions and then Scotch Guard the entire sofa. What are my best options?

By Jacque from Clementon, NJ

Question: Getting Lip Gloss Off Micro Fiber Couch

How do I get lip gloss off my micro fiber couch?

By Serena

Question: Ketchup Stain on Microfiber Cushion

How do you get ketchup out of a microfiber couch cushion?

By EL from MN

Question: Cleaning a Microfiber Couch

I tried mixing equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol and it worked to some extent. I have some black patches that it did not clean and would like to know what else I could try. I am ready to pull my hair out!

By Patty S.

Question: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

I am looking for a way to safely clean a micro fiber sofa. I am mainly thinking of the arms, they are dingy from use and there is one small ink stain from a pen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By Kate

Question: Dull Spots on Microfiber Furniture

All the questions about cleaning microfiber couches/furniture deal with specific stains, I just have color dulling from normal wear and tear. How do I clean these areas on the armrests and cushions?

By doromo from Minneapolis, MN


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Archive: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

How should I clean a red microfiber couch?

Shannon from Tulsa, OK

RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

When I purchased my microfiber sofa and loveseat, the salesperson, told me to clean it as if it was plastic. In other words you can use almost anything to clean it. I have cleaned spilled wine, tea, and just plain soiled areas. I just take water and a little detergent and it drys just like new. (05/27/2008)


RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

I have camel colored microfiber couch and loveseat. They only had a few spots but were just dingy looking. I took the cushions out and washed them on gentle cycle with mild detergent and they look great (06/05/2008)

By Darlene

RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

To clean the entire couch you may want to steam clean it. Often you can buy a steam cleaner for as little as $40. Some hardware or home stores have these available for rent. I had a company come out and professionally steam my mattress and it cost me $80. Just a thought.


By Danielle

RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

My son had a ink spill on my micro fiber furniture, I used the green alcohol. You can't even tell there was a ink spill. (06/23/2008)

By Tina

RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

I was looking for a way to clean our recliner chairs, went online and found this very helpful site. Someone suggested baby wipes. I have a 2 1/2 year old, so of course I have plenty of wipes in the house. The chairs are beige/light-tan and I wondered if this method would really work. Much to my surprise they worked great! I just cleaned the chairs and they look new again. Thank you for the info. (06/29/2008)

By Tammi (Guest Post)

RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

Our sectional was horribly dirty from a visit from relatives with 5 boys. My husband and I threw caution to the wind, after cleaning every inch of our brand new house, and pulled the covers off the cushions. I put them in washing machine on delicate with warm water and Woolite. I then put the covers into the dryer for 5-10 minutes and put them back onto the cushions. We could not be happier.

It worked great! I highly recommend this method, if your microfiber furniture needs a good cleaning. We have a huge sectional so, obviously we had to do a few covers at a time. It looks great, completely clean and no sore body parts from doing it by hand. (07/01/2008)

By Laura

RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

Buttercup left some nasty paw prints on my light brown couch. Scrubbing them off left water rings all over. I diluted carpet cleaner with warm water and scrubbed the entire cushion. The paw prints and water rings disappeared. No need to use a blow dryer. (07/04/2008)

By Tamra

RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

Check under your cushion for one of these symbols for Cleaning Code Description:

  • DC- Dry Clean Only.
  • E- Use the Millennium Leather Care Kit
  • N- Use the Millennium Leather Care Kit
  • N Fbr- Natural Fiber Rugs - Blot spills up immediately with a clean white cloth or plain paper towel. Dab at spots with a mild solution of one teaspoon of mild detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar in a quart of warm water. Do not saturate.
  • S- Clean only with dry cleaning solvent. Do not saturate. Do not use water. Pile fabrics may require brushing to restore appearance. Cushion covers should not be removed and dry cleaned.
  • SW- Spot clean with upholstery shampoo, foam from a mild detergent, or mild dry cleaning solvent. Do not saturate with liquid. Pile fabrics may require brushing to restore appearance. Cushion covers should not be removed and dry cleaned.
  • W- Clean only with water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. Do not over wet. Do not use solvents to spot clean. Pile fabrics may require brushing to restore appearance. Cushion covers should not be removed and laundered.
  • Wool Tufted Wool Rugs - Blot spills up immediately with a clean white cloth or plain paper towel. There are no cleaning solutions listed.
  • WS- Spot clean with upholstery shampoo, foam from a mild detergent, or mild dry cleaning solvent. Do not saturate with liquid. Pile fabrics may require brushing to restore appearance. Cushion covers should not be removed and dry cleaned.
  • X- Do not clean with either water or solvent-based cleaner. Use vacuuming or light brushing only. (10/02/2008)

By clean time

RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

Another product to help remove ink stains etc. is Lysol spray. The salesman where I purchased my sofa took a ball point pen and scribbled on a sofa. He then took the can of Lysol spray to the marks and wiped them with a paper towel. It took it right off. When I got home I used the Lysol on several old stains and it removed them completely. I noticed some people have said to steam clean and then others say don't steam clean, so what is the answer yes or no to steam? Lots of great ideas! (10/25/2008)

By Lori

Archive: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

My microfiber red couch is dirty and I can't find the label in the back to show me how to clean it. I am afraid to clean it. Please help.


RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

I have a microfiber couch and love seat and I just wipe it down with a wet washcloth and it works great! Hope that helps. (04/09/2009)

By jesikarena

Archive: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

I have a beige microfiber rocking chair. I need to know how to clean a stain on the seat. I tried to clean it with a damp rag but it made it look awful. Can you please help? Thank you.

By Ambersnana from Louisville, KY

RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

If your microfiber is colorfast (first try an area under or in the back of the sofa), you can try spraying hydrogen peroxide. If the stain is a "natural" stain like food, coffee, wine or juice the peroxide will "fizz" the stain away with oxygen. Don't use the stronger peroxide made for bleaching hair, just the cheapie kind from any grocery store. You might want to use a toothbrush to scrub and fluff up the area while it's wet or after the peroxide dries.

A second idea is to just take a regular bristle brush hair brush (not made of wire) or a toothbrush to a "dry" stain and sprinkle in a little baking soda and try brushing the area until its clean.

Read my tip below for "dry-cleaning" your own carpeting, you could call the company and ask if the stuff also works for microfiber. (04/12/2009)

By Cyinda

RE: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

Thank you for the email. I tried Oxiclean on it and it came right out (04/13/2009)

By ambersnana

Archive: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

How do I clean a microfiber couch? Can I spray the whole couch to bring it back to it's nice beige color?


Archive: Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

How do I clean microfiber couches? I know you have to put some chemical on it before you can steam clean it, but I don't know what it is.