Using Self Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles on a Shower Wall


Can you use self stick vinyl floor tiles on a shower wall?

By Christy from Alexandria, LA


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By Vicki 24 428 06/15/2010

I don't know, but I used some for grease protection back behind a stove (it sat out far from the wall) once in a house I owned. Sure easy to clean! I would imagine you would need some really heavy duty glue (over and beyond the self stick part) and maybe you should use good quality tiles so it would be more durable.

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By Melanie Jackson 1 373 06/15/2010

I kind of doubt it. I used self-stick tiles on our bathroom floor, and when some water sloshed out of the tub, it loosened the glue and caused them to shift. I wish I'd used linoleum, now.

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By Deanj 917 06/16/2010

You could try it, but why do you want to do that. It would be a bear to remove them.

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By susan 8 1,368 06/19/2010

No! There is nothing that seals the cracks between the tiles. Water would get in and the tiles would be damaged. But before they would fall apart, they'd get full of mold. This would be more trouble than it would be worth. A tub surround kit would work much better and be less trouble in the long run. It may even be cheaper than buying all those tiles.

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