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Removing Hawaiian Punch Stain From Carpet


How do I get a Hawaiian Punch stain out of carpet?



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By Marnita Arner 14 33 08/11/2008 Flag

Sharen, I would give Spot Shot a try. I have used it on many a carpet stain with 100% success. It's in a blue and orange can. You can find it at most grocery stores, Target, and Wal-Mart. Good luck!

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By Marty 7 60 08/12/2008 Flag

I use regular window cleaner to remove red juice stains from my beige carpet. Saturate the area with the window cleaner and blot. Repeat as necessary, it usually takes a few times Don't rub, just blot.

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By Hope This Helps (Guest Post) 08/12/2008 Flag

My son just moved out of a house that had light beige carpeting. A few months ago his daughter spilled a glass of fruit punch on the carpeting. The owner said you can't move out until the stain is GONE! So I scoured the internet for them and found a tip that my daughter in law said worked perfectly. You take a small amount of dishwashing liquid and mix some with water in a spray bottle. Squirt the area well. Put a towel over the area. Take a warm/medium heat iron and set the iron on top of the towel and leave it for a few minutes. The fiber releases the red dye into the towel. If these instructions aren't specific enough, you can look this remedy up on the internet. Good luck!

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By Enter Addie (Guest Post) 08/14/2008 Flag

Try club soda to remove your stains. It works wonderful for all stains from A-Z

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By MichelleD 1 06/26/2010 Flag

The above advice about the dishwashing liquid and water spray with the iron WORKS!!!!! It was like a magic trick. I had been trying with Spot Shot which got the stain to a hot pink color on my beige carpeting. Then I tried another suggestion which seemed to lighten it to a slightly lighter pink.
So I thought, what the heck, I'll try this other trick and I was stunned. It all ended up on the towel!! I could actually smell the punch too.
Do this first!
Thank you to whomever posted that! You saved my family room carpeting!

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By Danielle 1 01/05/2011 Flag

This worked! I cannot believe this worked! I've tried everything and I mean everything to get this fruit punch stain out and nothing worked. I had given up and had come to terms with loosing some of my security deposit. Now I am all set! Thank you so much to the person who suggested the spray bottle and iron!

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By Xtine 1 07/22/2012 Flag

The answer to "Hope This Works" is incredible! I used carbonated water, a white towel, and a medium-warm iron. Magic! Thank you!

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By Sheila T. 1 11/23/2013 Flag

Wow, it just worked! I googled and got to this page, and thought it was worth a try. I didn't even have Dawn; I just used the dishwashing soap I had on hand, along with warm water in a spray bottle. I was generous with the soap (call me paranoid). I set the iron on medium setting, and waited, and was SO relieved! I rent, and when you rent, living with carpets is a nightmare. This made my life so much easier!

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By Monster B. 1 09/16/2015 Flag

As soon as i spilled the stain i just rubbed some handsoap on it and it was gone.

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By Lorna N. 1 09/19/2015 Flag

I tried using some Dawn detergent and hot water, spraying the carpet, laid an old white towel on top of it and letting a hot iron sit on it for about 30 seconds. As I lifted the towel, I could see the red Hawaiian punch sticking to the towel! It worked so well. I just kept moving the towel and laying the hot iron down on it until the whole stain was now on the towel and not the carpet. What a miracle that is!!

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