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What Are The Best Selling Crafts This Year?


I am a young adult and I love crafting new creations, but I would like to turn my creations into some extra cash. Any ideas on crafts and then how to sell them?

By mrscrafty from Phoenix, AZ


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By Joan 13 1,479 02/26/2011 Flag

What is popular will depend on where you plan on marketing them. It will also depend on your talents. There is a web site, I think it is called where people sell their products, then a lot of people do the craft shows. There is a young woman in AZ that I have known since she was a newborn, that has crafted her own aromatherapy products, makes polymer clay stuff and teaches classes on that, plus she also makes some sterling products. She has her own website where she sells the products. She is in her early 40s. I think a lot depends on pure good luck.

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By Vicki 24 428 02/28/2011 Flag

From my observations of being an "etsy addict", I'd have to say the best selling crafts are: scrabble tile necklaces, hair bows and any kind of hair bow type item and jewelry, particularly sterling silver. Go check out etsy and get some ideas.

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By Mary 82 95 03/02/2011 Flag

Hi mrscrafty, let me say that you are one step ahead due to the fact that you love making crafts! If you have not tried to sell anything yet, I think some good ways to get your "feet wet", so to speak, would be getting into some things like bazaars. Spring is right around the corner and many towns have outlets that put these on such as church's. You just rent a table (most charge a minimal fee like $5 or $10). It's a great way to be among people and other crafters. You can see what is "hot" and sells and make some money of your own.

I don't know the type of area you live in, but check out things like flea markets also. You can also rent a table at most of them outside for a minimal fee. I have even had garage sales to sell crafts. Just advertise it with the other garage sales in your local paper and list it as "Crafts" so people will know. May I make a suggestion? Along with making what's hot... try to make something that is your own unique idea. It not only will give you a great sense of pride but you may be the next "Martha"! Don't sell yourself short. Good luck and keep crafting!

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By mistypotter78 1 04/08/2013 Flag

Accessories and hand bags

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By DeBushe 19 163 07/13/2011 Flag

For selling, try your local Senior Center. Ours has a store in which members sell their crafts. The store takes about 10% of the price. It works like this - I price my item at $10. They sell it for $11 and keep a dollar. Cute things for babies and dogs are always good sellers. Some people spend more money on their little dogs than they spend on their grandchildren!

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RE: What Are The Best Selling Crafts This Year?

Pandora bracelets are in fashion, but are traditionally made out of sterling silver and glass. I wonder if the beads can be made out of polymer clay? Look up Pandora bracelets on the web. (10/25/2010)

By Dedeswrkshop

RE: What Are The Best Selling Crafts This Year?

If you have a local Red Hat Society in your area, you can make mufflers and pins, magnets, and such with little investment. This is a link to what I made and you are welcome to try it. Email me here if you have any questions. Good luck!

Crocheted Red Hat Pin (10/28/2010)

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