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Musty Odor on a Mink Coat

I have a mink coat that I just got out of a storage company. It has a musty odor. I brought it back and they cleaned it and it still has the odor. Can you tell me what it may be?

Recent Answers

By Marie Stewart (Guest Post)06/06/2007

Thanks for the coffee tip. I used Starbucks and it did the trick. Why Starbucks? The store was near where I was shopping. I'm not a coffee drinker, so any coffee would do for me.

By Donna Carnall [2]12/28/2006

I agree with the first poster, but instead of coal try an open can of fresh coffee grounds? Actually, a half can should do the trick!

By (Guest Post)12/04/2006

I may be all 'wet'..but what about hanging the coat in a small closet and put a pail of charcoal on the floor and keep it closed a few days. Charcoal absorbs other musty odors...

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