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Doberman Smells Bad


My Doberman stinks. Is there anything I can spray on him to make him smell better?

Jeannie from UK



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By Myrna 17 1,082 12/15/2008 Flag

My first thought is to bathe the dog. There are dog shampoos with baking soda in them and shampoos with oatmeal is good for their skin. Special fragrance shampoos that are suppose to keep your pet fresher longer. I buy from as they have a lot of everything to experiment with shampoos, conditioners and spray fragrances for pets in between baths.

If the dog's ears are odorous and black tarry substance when cleaning, then your dog has ear infection and needs medication to clear it up.

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By Mary 10 67 12/15/2008 Flag

Wow. Just a little bit ago, I came across this while reading up on uses for vinegar!

Get Rid of Odor on a Smelly Dog
Wet the dog down with fresh water. Use a mixture of 1 cup white distilled vinegar and 2 gallons water. Saturate the dog's coat with this solution. Dry the dog off without rinsing the solution. The smell will be gone!
I hope this helps!

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By JEANNIE 2 4 12/16/2008 Flag

hi thanks for all your help but its far to cold to bath him is there anything else i can spray on him that will not hurt my brown boy

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By JEANNIE 2 4 12/16/2008 Flag

and his ears are clean with no smell he just smells doggie

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By (Guest Post) 12/17/2008 Flag

The only other thing I can think of is to sprinkle him with baking soda, kind of work it through his fur, leave it for a bit and then brush it out.
I'm not sure, but it doesn't seem like it would hurt him in any way.
Also check a pet store, they usually sell pet "perfumes" so they might have an odor neutralizing spray.

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By doglvr (Guest Post) 12/18/2008 Flag

Dogs will sometimes develop a bad smell if they have hypothyroidism. This can be treated with inexpensive medication from your vet. Please have him checked for this.

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By guest (Guest Post) 12/18/2008 Flag

Have you tried changing his food to a top quality one? Or even a homemade or raw food diet? A lot of smelly dogs (and people) are stinky because their bodies are trying to get rid of toxins, chemicals, etc. I work with a lot of dogs, and I've seen so much improvement in dogs just by feeding them high quality food like homemade food and/or raw food diets.

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 12/18/2008 Flag

Take him to the vet to make sure there isn't a medical reason for this.

Check out this similar post here on ThriftyFun:

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 12/18/2008 Flag

Work him over with some baby wipes. His vet should be sure there is no periodontal disease in his mouth, as that would be deep bone infection which can certainly put up an odor.

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By Carol in PA (Guest Post) 12/19/2008 Flag

Find out the cause of the odor and treat that instead of treating the symptom. Good luck.

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