Free Cookbook From Jiffy Mix


I would like to get the free Jiffy Mix cook book. Please tell me how I may get one.

By A Terry H. from San Ramon, CA


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By Dave [3] 11/23/2010

http://www.jiffymix.com/bookorder.php this is the web address for the latest free recipe book.

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By Lilac [20] 11/29/2010

It's right here!

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By 07/15/2011

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Archive: Free Cookbook From Jiffy Mix

I got mine in the mail a few months ago and I love it.

Go to: http://www.jiffymix.com

Table of Contents include:

  • Donuts-Sweet Rolls
  • Camping Recipes
  • Bread Machine Recipes
  • Microwave Section
  • Plus a lot more...

By Laurie from Nevada

RE: Free Cookbook From Jiffy Mix

This is GREAT! Thanks for sharing. (10/30/2006)


RE: Free Cookbook From Jiffy Mix

Aww, sounds great, but not good for Canada. Darn! (10/30/2006)

By grammar

RE: Free Cookbook From Jiffy Mix

Interesting site. Enjoyed reading about the company, and looking forward to seeing the cookbook. Products are a mainstay at home. (10/30/2006)

By kelleno

RE: Free Cookbook From Jiffy Mix

Some of these recipes are on the site, scroll down to find. (11/08/2006)

By minymont

RE: Free Cookbook From Jiffy Mix

Thank you to whomever found out about the free cookbook and shared it with us. I really enjoy it. (05/10/2008)

By nan80

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