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Painting Plastic Flower Pots

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Plastic Flower Pots

You can brighten up your potted plants and give new life to faded plastic pots by painting them. This is a guide about painting plastic flower pots.



Here are questions related to Painting Plastic Flower Pots.

Question: Painting Plastic Outdoor Flower Pots

Can I use regular exterior paint to paint my plastic flower pots and planters outside? I tried the spray paint for plastic pots, and it looks disgusting. Not happy at all with it.

By Becca from MI


Best Answer

By Teri Van Hecke [7]04/30/2010

I've used regular spray paint and the "stone" paint too with much success! After a couple of years it starts to wear, but grab another can and go again!

Question: Best Paint for Plastic Flower Pots

Which paint is best for my outdoor hanging plastic flower pots?

By Puja


Most Recent Answer

By Diane Merlino10/27/2013

Krylon makes a spray paint called Fusion for painting plastic. I've used it on plastic pots. It works well.

Solutions: Painting Plastic Flower Pots

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