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Gnats or Bedbugs

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I need to know if I have gnats. That's what they look like, but then someone said could they be bedbugs. I have only seen them in my bathroom nowhere else. They seem to jump, but not really fly. Does that make them not gnats? Do gnats look anything like a bedbug?

I have seen gnats and this is what they appear to be to me and we did recently throw out some over ripe apples, but they were in the kitchen. We also had a kitty litter box in our bathroom recently for our new kitten. We have since moved kitty and litter box to the garage outside. Please someone tell me what to do. I hate any kind of bug.

By Lin from Sandstone, MN


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katklaw777, Lin didn't say they fly but that they jump and I am very appreciative that you agree with we others that the kitty baby should not be banned to the garage for certain.

By Kathy Klahn [3]11/01/2009

Fleas do not fly! You had rotten fruit, they are probably fruit flies. Google it, there are many homemade traps you can make. I agree with everyone else, if you can't give your cat a loving home, find her another one! She deserved better than living alone and sad in your garage.


If they're jumping then they're fleas and not bed bugs or gnats! Yep, poor kitty and you need to get them under control because it can be a real health issue for your kitty and you :-(

And please don't continue to ban your kitty to the garage! That's mean to your kitty IMHO and the fleas are already in your home so why should that baby be shunned when it's not the kitty's fault?

Check the ThriftyFun archives for getting rid of fleas because there are lots and lots of suggestions!

By vicki hood [4]10/31/2009

Fleas - which are now throughout your house. Poor Kitty. Please use a safe product to rid her of her fleas and for your house? Some fleas are breeding in your carpet right now. Read my profile feedback. It has explained about safe natural product that will work for better than a year. 20 Mule team Borax. You can do better with your kitty, Please don't lock her out in the cold. Get rid of her fleas so she can become a member of your family. Many rewards. More love.

By kathleen williams [76]10/30/2009

Sounds like maybe a 'sand flea'. A relative of the flea you normally hear about living on pets/animals. You don't necessarily have to have pets to get this critter.spray with insect spray, good luck.

By Myrna [15]10/30/2009

When they are small as gnats and jump about, it sounds like fleas.

By Jo 10/30/2009

If you had a kitten in the bathroom, it could be fleas. Fleas Jump!

By Deanj10/30/2009

Bed bugs live in and around beds. The feed on blood. You would have red welts on your body where they have fed. They are hard to find and eradicate. You have something else in your bathroom.

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