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Removing Pen Ink from Walls

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Ballpoint Pen

Removing ink from walls needs to be done carefully so as not to damage the paint. This is a guide about removing pen ink from walls.



Here are questions related to Removing Pen Ink from Walls.

Question: Removing Ink from Walls

My 2 year old marked up all the walls in the apartment with pen and permanent marker. How do I remove it from flat painted walls?

By Ashley from WalledLake, MI


Most Recent Answer

By Angela H.03/06/2015

To get markers off walls I use toothpaste, it sounds weird but it works. Not sure about pen.

Question: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

How I can clean blue ball point ink stains from my light grey paint?

By Mehmud from Grenoble, France


Most Recent Answer

By SL Edens [1]12/01/2009

Have you tried alcohol, shaving cream or hairspray (not all at the same time, but if one doesn't work, try the next, hairspray as a last resort)?

Question: Pen Marks on Painted Walls

I need an idea for taking ink off of painted walls.

By Theresa from KY

Most Recent Answer

By Kathy04/25/2010

I get good results from Magic Eraser.This may not be exactly frugal but it is non abrasive and won't damage paint.

Solutions: Removing Pen Ink from Walls

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Archive: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

My kids took a ballpoint pen and wrote on the latex apartment wall. Magic Eraser and Goo Gone didn't get it of. I'd like to know if anyone has a suggestion or if I should just prime and paint the spots?


RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has gotten everything off our walls, including red crayon that I had previously not been able to get off. (07/05/2005)

By Mae

RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

Hairspray should work, but wash what you have used first off then any type can hairspray. Let the walls dry before you start. Spray on the wall and wipe easy with clean cloth do this several times and it should come off. We have used this for years.

Dgrams (07/05/2005)

By Dgrams

RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

Try WD-40. I think the "Queen of Clean" used that on the walls she needed to clean. Her book is full of good ideas. Used about 7 do far. (07/26/2005)

By Rose

RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

I am a big fan of the Magic Eraser, but the one thing it doesn't take off is pen marks on walls. I tried.

Editor's Note: I haven't tried it on ballpoint pen marks, but it worked well on dry erase marker that nothing else would take off. (05/01/2006)

By Lola

RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

Pen needs an alcohol based remover. Maybe you could just try rubbing alcohol before the fumier stuff? (05/01/2006)

By camo_angels

RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

Try an acetone based nail polish remover. It works like a charm. (08/05/2007)

By Jade

RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

I did not have hairspray or nail polish remover, but used the acetone idea. There is some in mosquito repellent. Thanks, Florida. Good luck to you guys with toddlers. (09/23/2007)

By Alex

RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

I tried nail polish remover, which took the pen off, but it also took the paint off the wall. (02/26/2008)

By Marie

RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

I used the hairspray idea and it worked like a charm. The second I sprayed the hairspray on the pen ink, the ink started running and all I had to do was wipe it and it was gone. Thanks you guys. (07/07/2008)


RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

Thanks for the help. Rub with baking soda, get Pantene Pro-V style classic hairspray. It really worked. (07/10/2008)

By lucky

RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

Hairspray melts the pen mark away like magic, but it also melts the paint too. (09/01/2008)


RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

I used Mr Clean Extra Power wipes, took a little elbow grease, but worked like a charm. (11/08/2008)

By Raeann

Pen/Crayon on Wall

I have consistently tried hairspray on walls, and nothing happened. Trust me, use rubbing alcohol. It works wonders. You have to put a little elbow grease into it, but it gets pen and crayon off every time. (12/18/2008)

By Alex

RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

I tried nail polish remover with a Qtip and it worked well. It did take some of the paint, but I was careful not to wipe after the pen came off. (02/08/2009)

By Tom from Charlotte

RE: Ballpoint Pen on Wall

If you're going to paint the wall anyway, I've heard that if you cover the ink w/clear nail polish the primer and paint will adhere to the clear polish and "cover" the ink. But if you just paint the wall it could bleed through. Good luck, those days, for me are over. (04/07/2009)

By mom of towers