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Looking for Older Roller Workout Machine

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I am looking for a 1960's wooden roller exercise machine in good shape. If you know where I can find one or suggestions on where to look I would appreciate it. Thanks

By Vivian


Recent Answers

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By chad sluder12/14/2014

I have one for sale.

By stev2all200012/19/2013

I have this machine for sale.
You can contact me I live in San Diego, CA

By ChanJ04/21/2011

I have one. Check it out on the los Angeles craigslist. Title "1960's Exercise Machine"

RE: Looking for Older Roller Workout Machine


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Question: Finding a Wooden Roller Massage Machine

Is there anybody out there have one of these? It is named Walton I believe and looks like a barrel. I am trying to find one.

Thanks for your help.

By Doris B.

Question: Shopping for a 1970's Exercise Machines

I am looking to purchase the 1970's wooden roller exercise machine, and the exercise machine with the belts made by Walton. Sears sold them. Thank you.

By Kelly

Most Recent Answer

By aroragirl8201/02/2014

I am interested in buying your wooden roller machine. Can you tell me the price? I live in Atlanta.

Question: 1960 Wooden Roller Exercise Machine

I am looking for a 1960's wooden roller exercise machine, in good working order. Does anyone know how I might find one?

By Tamm from Canon City, CO

Most Recent Answer

By cathypohl11/10/2014

Are you willing to sell your machine, if so how much? I had one but when my mother passed away her 2nd husband didn't give us what belong to us so I've been looking for one since she past away 10 years ago. I had loaned her my machine and never could get it back since I lost my mom. Thank you, Cathy

Question: Older Roller Workout Machine

I am looking for an older wooden roller workout machine. They were popular during the 1960-70s. It must be in working condition, I intend to use it. Any ideas where I can find one?

By Vivian L

Most Recent Answer

By Cheryl06/01/2011

Try ebay or check newspaper ads, call sporting goods store to see if they have a similar machine.


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Archive: Looking for Older Roller Workout Machine

I'm looking for one of those old roller work out machines, the ones that had wooden rollers that rotated in a circle and you would lean against them to "vibrate" your "chubby" areas. Not the exercise belt. If you know of one let me know.

By Kimobean43

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