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Wax Buildup on Windshield


Can anyone give me a solution for getting wax from a automatic car wash off a car windsheid? Mine seems to have a buildup and streaks so bad I almost can't see when I use the wipers.

KathyM from Ft. Wayne, IN



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By Anna (Guest Post) 01/22/2006 Flag

Someone once told me to use Brasso on the windshield and wipe rubbing alcohol down the wipers. However, I never tried it. Hope this works.

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By Connie A. (Guest Post) 01/23/2006 Flag

I know if you pour straight coke from the bottle or can on your windshield it will remove the road film from the glass. I bet it would do the same with wax. It would be a cheap fix if it worked. Even if it didn't help the wax, the film will be gone and that will help the view.
Drive safely !

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By Peach (Guest Post) 01/23/2006 Flag

Rubbing alcohol works for me!!!

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By Plissken (Guest Post) 09/25/2006 Flag

This might sound crazy, but i've had good results using ultra-fine steel wool. Glass is actually harder than metal.
The grade you need is called "0000". Try it first near an edge. You'll actually feel the effort needed lessen as the goop comes off.

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By Betty (Guest Post) 10/01/2008 Flag

We get road film on our windsheild which makes it hard to see through when it is raining so whenever we go on a trip or I know we will be driving in the rain, I scrub the windshield good with Greased Lightning. You can find it in the grocery store with the cleaning products. Spray it on the windshield and scrub hard with a damp rag. Then take the rag and rinse the windsheid with clear water. Then use windex or whatever you clean your windshield with and paper towels and clean as usual. You will find that when it's raining, your windsheld will be crystal clear making driving much safer.

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By alex (Guest Post) 01/10/2009 Flag

I have a big problem with my windshield. I had used a wax spray for cleaning my front side of the wheel and it make my windshield so greasy and I cant do anything to put of, as much as I try to clean is the same greasy and makes me a problem while I drive especially at night. If someone have a solution how to clean my windshield please help me.

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