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Chicken Broth for Feline Urinary Health


About 15 years ago, my mother got a cat. After about 6 months, he got a severe case of urinary tract infection. The vet told her to give him low sodium chicken broth along with his medicine until he was over it. Because of the chicken broth, he would drink more water.

After he was well she decided to give him chicken broth every day. He never had urinary tract infection again. Mom (Margaret) and the cat both died last year.

Mom wrote this down with a note. "Can you believe how much money you can save, by not taking your cat to the vet for urinary tract infection all the time?"

Source: A veterinary in Tipton told my mother who passed on to us kids.

By Pearl G. from Greenwood, IN


By Beth 25 1,120 11/02/2009 Flag

I do this too, but my cats won't eat the canned broth. When canned cat food was killing cats a couple of years ago I began making my own cat food. A key ingredient was chicken. I always let them drink the water I boiled the chicken in after I strained the fat out. They love it! I still do this now as a treat, especially for my one male who is prone to infections.

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