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Any Tips for Radio Contests?


Does anyone have any good tips for getting through on radio contests. I set my phone up for speed dial, I use my Cell phone at the same time, I hang up quickly and redial. All to no avail. The lines are constantly jammed... HELP

- Terri


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By Kim McGrantham 16 160 09/17/2004 Flag

There's really no trick... One thing you can try is not to hang up when you get through. Chance are they have actually not cut off the line and they may still pick it back up again. Its happened to me a couple times.

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By misty 1 12/01/2004 Flag

As a promotions coordinator for 6 radio stations I'll tell ya.......First off it IS just a matter of luck. Do not start calling early. They will just drop all lines at the start of the contest so you'll be dropped if you think you've gotten in early. IT's just a matter of KEEP CALLING. As soon as you get busy signal, hang up and call back. And keep calling for at least 2 songs depending on which # caller they are looking for. They DO count each caller and it takes longer than you may think, even just to get to caller 9. If you do get ringing, DO NOT hang up as kimmcg says. your through, just be patient. worst case scenario they will pick up the phone and say they already got thier winner.

Basically there is no guarenteed way, just luck of the phone lines.

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By Zoe C. 1 07/21/2013 Flag

If you have an android phone you should download 2click! It lets you access your dialer instantly so you can call as soon as you hear the song or message to call. You can get it here:

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