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My Crape Myrtle Only Has One Main Trunk

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I have a crape myrtle that is 15 foot tall and only beginning to develop branches at the very top. How do I get it to branch from ground level? All of the other crapes that I have seen have multiple branches close to the ground. It was here and like that when we bought the house. It did bloom this year.

Hardiness Zone: 7a

By Cynthia from Lynchburg, VA


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By cybergrannie [30]08/30/2010

Hi, we have a lot of crepe myrtle "trees" in our neck of the woods (central Florida) and lots of people like them. The main trunk will get larger and should have an umbrella topping that will bloom each year. If you want the bush it would be better to buy new and plant around it or off to themselves. Maybe someone would like to dig it up and transplant it for you.

By Robin Brady [4]08/30/2010

You need to identify the variety. Some grow taller than others. If you prefer a bush, you should be able to cut it off just above ground level (not sure when in your part of the country) and it should develop lots of branches.

By Mom [1]08/28/2010

Somebody before you pruned too severely. I don't know if bottom branches will ever appear now that it is that tall and that old. Get some new crepe myrtle trees to go with "Grandma"! Don't prune away the bottom branches! My crepe is very nice and fluffy!

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