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Craft Projects Using Empty Medicine Bottles and Margarine Tubs

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I am trying to come up with "crafty" ways to make something out of medicine bottles and margarine containers (other than using them to store things in, etc., an actual object). Any suggestions?

By DEB from Fulton, NY


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By Richard [9]04/24/2012

I use washed out margarine tubs for the following :-
To store my seeds that I collect in eg runner beans, sunflower
To keep left over foods in the fridge, eg baked beans,
To fill with soil and start off my seeds in them on the window sill
To use as 'saucers' to hold my small plant pots

By DeBushe [18]04/16/2011

Cover the bottles with "Sculpey" or "Fimo" polymer clay designs. I have found that the plastic bottles and lids will come through the 275 degree baking process just fine. I sold a lot of these bottles a few years ago to people who wanted them for pill containers.

By Heather04/13/2011

I remember my grandmother had a margarine tub "doll" when I was a kid. She kept buttons in there. It was a crocheted skirt with ruffle edging around the tub. The lid had an actual barbie doll's upper torso attached and a crocheted dress that draped over, so when the lid was on it looked like a girl with one of those old period gowns on. As for medicine bottles, I've been wondering what to do with them myself!

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