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Clothes Smell Bad After Washing

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Smelling clothing in the washing machine.

If your freshly washed clothes have a bad or sour smell, some sleuthing may be called for to determine the cause. This is a guide about when clothes smell bad after washing.



Here are questions related to Clothes Smell Bad After Washing.

Question: Laundry Smells Bad After Washing

Sometimes I forget I have a load of wash in the washing machine that has begun to smell musty. How can I get rid of the smell that sometimes remains in the cloths even after washing them again?

By Mary Jean from Budd Lake, NJ


Best Answer

By Mimi10/30/2010

With towels use the hottest water you can vinegar is good to use so is oxi clean. I use oxi-clean instead of clorox, clorox eats up the clothes oxi clean doesn't. With the clothes vinegar or oxi-clean (dissolved first). Use at least warm water on clothes.

Question: Clothes Smell Sour

My clothes smell real bad. I have tried washing them twice each time I visit the laundromat. I followed your instructions regarding vinegar and today when I on the train everyone started sniffing around me. When my fellow employees past my desk the smell themselves. I am desperate and need advice asap.

I sometimes ask people if I smell funny, they say no but it doesn't sound sincere. My sense of smell is poor so I can't even tell if I do smell funny. I used to wash my clothes 2-3 times a week. I cry sometimes because I don't know what to do. I know its not B.O, my clothes just smell sour. I am afraid to wear perfume.

I am becoming more depressed every day. Today I went straight to the nearest clothing store and purchased a whole outfit and then on my lunch break went out and purchased bras because I noticed they smell really bad. Please help me or I might just lose my job.

Debbie from NY


Most Recent Answer

By Stacey [1]10/11/2010

I am severly allergic to any sort of mold or mildew. I can't usually smell most things very well, but I think since my body reacts so violently to mold, it seems like I can pick up on even traces of mold smell really well. I'd also like to point out that I've read articles about airbourne and foodbourne molds creating toxins in people with mold allergies that makes them feel depressed or tired. I'm just throwing it out there. I've had success soaking moldy clothes in a high concentration of vinegar for several hours with several capfuls of liquid fabric softener and line drying in the sun (uv kills mold). Bleach doesn't seem to do anything, and the fumes can exacerbate allergies. Mold is toxic even to people who aren't allergic to it, but if you think you might be, there are things out there that you can do to help get rid and keep mold toxins out of your body. There's a lot of good information online about diet and prevention and not letting toxic-forming fungi actually grow in your stomach. It's an idea, anyway.
Have you tried going to a different laundromat?

Question: Foul Smelling Clothes

I have some foul smelling clothes. I tried vinegar, fabreeze, lestoil, baking soda the works. I have to wash my clothes 2 times a week and the smell is still there. Any ideas.

Deborah from NYC

Most Recent Answer

By Connie09/07/2009

I use a cup of ammonia in the wash. This was used years ago by my grandmother to freshed blankets that had been stored away. My husband's work shirts smelled awful & this gets them fresh. Hope this helps.

Question: My Clothes Don't Smell Good

How can I get my laundry to smell good?

By Josie from Washington, MI

Most Recent Answer

By Sara02/09/2011

I always use Febreze SPORT on my work and workout clothes! Works GREAT for me!

Question: Clean Clothes Smell Bad

Why do my clean clothes smell after awhile? I rewashed clean clothes because they smelled and now they smell again after being in the laundry basket. Please help

By Barbara from Youngstown, OH

Most Recent Answer

By Jana [7]04/15/2010

Also, you can clean your washer by running a load with just water and a cup or two of white vinegar.

Question: Work Clothes Smell Bad After Washing

My work clothes get washed regularly by themselves. The smells don't go even after they've been washed. Shall I hand wash it? Any recommendations would be helpful.

By F. C.

Most Recent Answer

By happy.now02/07/2015

Some times I use All liquid detergent and baking soda. I used this even after a fire for the soot smell. Thought this might help. J

Question: Sour Smelling Clothes

Recently I discovered my clothes have started to smell sour like vinegar. I use Gain detergent and fabric softener along with baking soda. What else can I do?

By Laken M

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]02/11/2015

1. Run your washer with bleach to kill bacteria in your washer.
2. Use white vinegar or Borax in your wash instead of baking soda. Don't overload your washer and put clothes in the dryer right away. Don't let them sit.

Solutions: Clothes Smell Bad After Washing

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