"Gluing" Bird Seed Together


I saw some hanging bird seed feeders, like the bell shaped ones but these were shaped like eggs and hung from colored bits of yarn. I thought they were very clever but I am not willing to pay $12 for a dozen. I was wondering if I could make them but upon searching the internet I couldn't find a glue like substance to use to hold the seed together in the desired shape. I am not wanting to use suet or peanut butter. Does anyone have any ideas what I might be able to use that wouldn't be harmful to birds but allow the seed to be "glued" together in a shape?




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By Katie 4 216 08/22/2005

Corn syrup?

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By P. (Guest Post) 08/23/2005

Mix two egg whites per cup of birdseed (or thereabouts) with the seed, place seed in whatever mold that you are using and bake in a very cool oven (150 deg F.) for 60 to 90 minutes. It might be helpful to line your mold with microwave-safe plastic wrap or a plastic oven bag to keep the seed from sticking. For hanging, place a piece of wire, string, or yarn in the middle of the mold as you fill it with the birdseed/eggwhite mixture. See this link for more info: http://www.theaviary.com/seedbell.shtml

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By Tonya 7 94 10/03/2005

I believe that what they use to keep it all together is something called suet. It is kind of like a lard. I believe that you can buy it at places where you get bird seed stuff. You just melt it, add in the bird seed, sunflower seeds and whatever else, place into some type of mold and let it harden back. Hang with a wire.

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By Michelle (Guest Post) 11/09/2008

Well, you can't use something that has salt in it because salt is bad for any kind of bird. Unless your bird needs a special kind of seed you could find a kind of seed that is formed like a stick. You could hang it right in the cage. If you want it in a different form than I can't help you.

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By Christine Schuyler 2 11 01/05/2014

Plain, unflavored gelatin (such as Knox) works well to glue birdseed together. We mixed some up, stirred it together with birdseed and molded into cookie cutters with a bit of ribbon at the top for hanging. Let them dry for a few days, pop them out of the cookie cutters and hang outside. A little messy, but fun and they look cute on the tree outside.

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