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I have been collecting wine and champagne corks for some time now. Never knew what to do with them. Now that I am moving to a brand new apt., a.k.a. clean slate. I asked my sister, who is an amazing decorator, how can I decorate my new apt. in "South Pacific, Figi, Tahitian" without spending so much money?"

She said, "Find a plain looking coffee table, plain end tables, even a plain lamp. Hot glue the corks in a bamboo, wicker pattern, maybe apply some polyurethane coating, pick up some baskets in a thrift shop and buy some tropical plants. Re-upholster dining room chairs with a South Pacific theme and you're good to go.

Tip courtesy of Cristy Gomez, written by her sister Mart.



By Joe (Guest Post) 04/15/2004

Kinda craft related. I use corks for storing sharp tools. They protect the points from getting dull and your hands from the points when you reach into your tool box.

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By Julie (Guest Post) 04/15/2004

Corks can make wonderful wreaths for your home bar. I have seen one as big as 3 ft across. It may someday be a conversation piece as all the cork trees in Portugal are hundreds of years old and are dying. More and more wineries are using plastic corks now.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 04/20/2004

MarkArtist suggested cork uses on 15th April. One thing I have seen is a notice board made of corks. Simply glue them tip-down onto a backing board when you have a large collection. You can cut them in half sideways if you don't wnat them sticking out so far, and get twice as many to use. Frame the board and you end up with a corkboard made by you!

Cathy Lowe

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By Tawnda (Guest Post) 05/05/2004

You can also make picture/mirror frames by gluing the corks around them, make coasters by gluing a group of corks together, something else I saw in a designer antique type room was to fill a large clear glass vase or bowl and take those pretty curvy sticks and stick them in the vase or just leave in the bowl on a bookshelf or lamp table as a conversation piece.

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By Lashell 1 05/12/2004

I'm making Trivets! I don't buy those expensive trivet boards, I go and find picture frames and I cut the corks in half with a scroll saw and glue them in,,with a plywood back and 4 little legs,they make the neatest hot pads!!

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By Julie (Guest Post) 12/21/2004

I made a wine cork notice board by cutting them in half sideways (took ages!) and glueing them to an old cork board where the cork had fallen off! I have also seen an effective (and unusual) design where corks are strung through a length of fishing wire and notes can then be suspended.

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By susan todd 1 12/30/2004

Hi i make corkart, out of a piece of plywood, add corks, maybe a tile of a ocean scene, and add shells, i have done ones with birds and bird houses, cats, fishing, i have attached a photo hope it worked

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By (Guest Post) 07/14/2006

MAke a coaster

using bottlecaps as the toppers for a tall coaster

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By Lah (Guest Post) 12/26/2007

Ugh, my brother cleaned out his drawers and garage and Christmas I got boxes of about 500 corks, hmm my Mother And Father are signing him up for AA! He and his wife have the best parties and his wife told him to get rid of his cork collection, how I got it and what am I going to do with it???? A cork glued adirondack chair?????

The furniture that one gal mentioned sounded uplifting but the picture didn't work. I guess we can glue these to anything, or how about a hammock area that just has corks below, inside some railroad ties and the hammock swings over the corks, kinda like the recycled play grounds. I think I just answered my own question, and if anyone has more corks send them my way, I may need some! Thanks and Merry Christmas! Sheilah

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By jean (Guest Post) 12/27/2007

I bought a foam cone shaped base, and used craft sticky glue to cover it with wine corks, making a tree. Then I glued the tree to a wooden base. I decorated my tree with wine charms and grapes cut from a grape cluster ornament, attaching them with sewing pins, using the grape leaves and bow on the top. I also bought a wreath base, and am covering it with corks cut in half. When I finish, I will wind ribbon between the corks to cover the foam, and finish with a bow and a bunch of grapes. Since my husband makes wine as a hobby, these are for him.

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By Molly (Guest Post) 01/09/2008

I have used corks to make a wreath. Using just toothpicks and a straw wreath. I added some grapes or cranberry as extras.

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By kylie (Guest Post) 07/02/2008

You can also cut the corks sideways and glue them on a cheap vase.

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By Freddy B. (Guest Post) 12/29/2008

I will love to get wine corks from you all. I create unique wine cork art as a hobby. This is something I love doing, but I need help getting more wine corks. If you want to help me e-mail me and I will send you pictures and my address where you can send me the corks. Thank you.
dalmata13 AT cfl.rr.com

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By e (Guest Post) 02/11/2009

You can glue about 5 corks upright together, then stick a sharp nail in the middle. use it as a memo helper, by putting a reminder message on paper, and then putting the paper on the nail. Change when you need to change the message.

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