Removing Cat Pee Smell From Sweatshirt


I have a sweatshirt that cats peed on and after washing it, the smell is still there. Is there anything I can use to remove the smell? Nayno


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By Desiree (Guest Post) 06/25/2004

I would really try soaking it in baking soda over night and then wash it again.

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By tricia 6 06/25/2004

I had a similar problem and I found several products at Petsmart. Just pour it in with the wash and works like a charm.


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By wright (Guest Post) 06/25/2004

Go and get uor good old bottle of vinegar (white) and wash this sweatshirt by its self. I would use (it is so cheap) 2 cups vinegar and a generous amount of detergent. If I had it I would also use 1 cup of 20 mule borateem and if you really love the sweatshirt, 1/2 cup of Arm & Hammer washing soda in the laundry section of the store (Wal-Mart). Then I would rinse it 2 times and in the last rinseI would put 1/2 cup vinegar to soften the garment .

You might want to let it wash in the same soap & vinegar water 2 times if it is hard to get out. Vinegar also removes lint from the garment if you put it in the rinse water.

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By (Guest Post) 06/25/2004

Soak it in vinegar overnight. Then I would wash it in the washer by itself with a small amount of water and about 1/4 cup of disenfecting lysol. (The lysol isn't necessary but I'm a germ-a -phobic!) Then wash it again with regular clothes.

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By Linne Dodds (Guest Post) 06/25/2004

A friend of mine swears by Peroxide. I am trying it. But I also like a product called OUT that is in the pet department at WalMart. It smells like vanilla extract but the smell evaporates soon.

Another friend recommended Arm & Hammer liquid Laundry detergent. It's good too.

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By Erin (Guest Post) 06/26/2004

I'll second the suggestion of using "Out!". I buy it at the grocery store or Walmart- they make a type for cat or dog odor. It works wonderfully on clothes, or carpet. Good luck!

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By Jenn (Guest Post) 08/31/2004

Try getting an airtight container, putting the shirt in, and sprinkling it with baking soda. Leave for a week or so. Depending on the strength of the smell and such, this may work (same principle as baking soda in the fridge, more or less.)

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By Dawn (Guest Post) 10/02/2004

I have an old tom-cat (21 yrs) that often 'misses' the box. I put old towels under the box for this reason. I wash them in hot water with Clorox2 and Cheer - never a smell and they are clean. Clorox2 solution and water (about 1/2 cup Clorox2 to 1 cup water) also works for my carpeting - I pour it over the stain, put old towels over it, a plastic bag on top and a heavy book on top of all - in about 6 hours, the towels absorb the mositure and everything else. No smell, no stain.

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By ALLISON MORTON (Guest Post) 11/23/2004


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By TINA (Guest Post) 07/13/2005

Hi yes there is if you get any type of pee on any thing that can be washed throw it in the wash with a cup of white vinegar

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By Dorie (Guest Post) 07/18/2005

THe Vinegar totally works. I just tried it and I am impressed! Thanks for the tip :)

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By Ame (Guest Post) 08/02/2005

We recently got two cats, both about one year old males, not neutered. The house where we got them didn't seem to smell, and they had even more cats, but our ENTIRE house now smells like urine. I read that the cats must be fixed, but how can I get rid of that smell?

Thanks A Lot for any help.

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By melissa (Guest Post) 11/02/2005

My sister's cat peed int he backseat of her car. She used the stuff you get at the pet store, but it still really smells... i was going to suggest Vinager to her. How much should she use and should she dilute it?

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By Sigs (Guest Post) 11/17/2005

Try using "Nature's Miracle," it's found at pet stores like petsmart or petco. It may seem expensive but it is worth it. It has enzymes that destroy the smell without bleaching fabric or carpet.

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By northnfella (Guest Post) 11/24/2005

Try putting your shirt in the wash with some vinegar and the cat garantee it wont do it again

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By Kayla (Guest Post) 02/19/2006

My boyfriend's cat peed in my fairly new shoes. I was heart broken because i love these shoes. I am going to try soaking them in vinegar but only on the inside incase of color change. does anybody know if the vinegar will change the color? Is there any suggests if the vinegar doesn't work?

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By Vicky (Guest Post) 08/15/2006

My cat has done it several times on clothes (thankfully thats all) and all I do is a normal washmachine pre-wash with soap and then a normal regular wash. I Never had any smell that lingered. Maybe she still smells it and thats why she does it again?

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By (Guest Post) 02/26/2007

Borax works for clothes but a stubborn dried in urine may be gotten out with ANTI ICKY POO.

I've tried about everything out there including:
Dumb Cat
Nature's Miracle
Simple Solution

Nothing I've tried to date works as well as Anti Icky Poo. It's expensive but works.

NEVER NEVER USE Lysol or Pine-sol on floors or bedding, etc because cats do not process phenols well, which both products contain. They're toxic to cats.

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By John (Guest Post) 03/22/2007

I have a cat who will not use a litter box. She always finds a sweatshirt or t-shirt and goes on them. I cannot get the smell out for the life of me. Ive tried febreeze for pet odors, vinegar, and washed these articles of clothing about 10 times so far. They still smell. Any suggestions? remember, its not the urine... its the feces. :(

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By ceacea (Guest Post) 04/10/2007

Just fyi, vinegar can change colors, u always want 2 dilute w/ water on fabric if u brave enough 2 try. Enzyme cleaner is the only thing i have found that works, if it will work (hasnt on my shoe)

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By (Guest Post) 05/09/2007

Vinegar absolutely works!! Used it, along with detergent, in the washer and the smell is completely gone. Even used it on colored things and the vinegar didn't alter any of the colors.

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By Patrick (Guest Post) 06/12/2007

I have tried most of these, but the easiest and most reliable for me seems to be using Borax in the wash. It has worked every time for me. I use white vinegar on the carpet before I use my comercial extractor.

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By Bane (Guest Post) 07/16/2007

Thanks a lot for suggestions. I have a life problem with cat urine and my t-shirts. Even after castration of my male cat the problem persists. I try vinegar and it works!

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By robin (Guest Post) 11/02/2007

How do you remove smell from pergo wood floors when a cat sprayed at another cat?

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By stacy (Guest Post) 02/25/2008

My cat peed in my new Nike shox, I've tried simple solution, tide, downy, and bleach. Still smells. Will vinegar really work? I also had Spenco Polysorb insoles in the shoes, what is safe to use on them?

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By pee free (Guest Post) 02/29/2008

Use ODOR Annihilator. It is the best.

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By Jill (Guest Post) 03/27/2008

My cat pees in my shoes all the time. Anytime the closet door is open he pees in them. It had gotten to the point where I was going to get rid of him b/c my husband couldn't remember to keep the door closed. I found this stuff called "Stink Free" and it worked wonders! It is actually meant for carpets but I just soaked my shoe in it and they really don't smell anymore.

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By Marie 27 49 07/07/2008

I would also address the problem of the cat(s) continuing to this. I know a person who was ready to rehome her cat if this last solution she tried didn't work. She heard of a suggestion of using baby diapers/pampers in the litterbox instead of regular litter. don't know if there is a "thrifty way" to do this.

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By Katie 1 11/05/2009

I just tried the vinegar in the wash on 2 scarves that my cat peed on in my suitcase :( I just washed the scarves by themselves in cold water, gentle wash with the amount of detergent for a full load and a cup of white vinegar in a small load amount of water. After the first wash, the acrylic scarf was good as new! It took 2 washes to get the wool scarf back to normal, but it's good to go now also! Awesome. I highly recommend the vinegar. The colors stayed true and there were no problems.

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By cbrooks22490 1 11/22/2013

If you have your own personal washer what I do is: add 1 gallon of white vinegar, 1 standard box of baking soda, and 1 cup of borax. Add to 2 gallons hot water mix up with your clothes and it will foam so don't worry. Let sit for 30 min add a generous amount of detergent. Wash once normally and again adding more borax and detergent and dry normally with dryer sheets.

I had a hard lesson to learn and I threw all my best cards at it and boom! Pee-free me (this also works for feces)! The vinegar fights the ammonia in the pee lifting it out of the fabric the borax is a detergent booster making all said products "work harder". The baking soda is a deoderizer with soaks up the pee that the vinegar disperses from the fabrics, also is vinegar is a natural sterilizer for sanitary purposes.

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