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Removing Nail Polish Off a Car

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My car was vandalized yesterday. Someone broke into the car next to mine, found a purse and decided to pour nail polish all over my car. I want to try and use nail polish removal but I am concerned about damaging the finish. Do I have any options? My car is only 2 months old and there is a ton of the nail polish on the doors and hood.




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By Jeremy Keller03/08/2015

Someone thought is would be funny to key the words bic*h in to my car twice and then they put nail polish over the scratch. I'm a detailer so I put nail polish remover on the nail polish an then buffed the hood and it looks good as new.

By DianaJB08/19/2013

I had a similar problem with nail polish marks all around my car's door handles, mostly my own fault. Since they're just scratches of nail polish on the car paint - although pretty visible - alcohol swabs took it off right away with absolutely no damage to the car paint or its shine.

By Barbara [4]01/29/2012

It happened to my car also. Took it to dealer and told me to use cooking oil on it (of course outside only). Paint came off like magic.


By (Guest Post)08/17/2008

Acetone nail polish remover works just fine. My daughter just painted the hood of the neighbor's car, and we used nail polish remover to take it off.

By (Guest Post)07/25/2008

I am in Oconomowoc WI and this has happened to several cars in my subdivision the last few nights.

By (Guest Post)07/25/2008

I am in Oconomowoc WI and this has happened to several cars in my subdivision the last few nights.

By Regina (Guest Post)07/14/2008

This happened to me 2 weeks ago! I was very upset. I brought my car to a car detailer and all they did was spray some chemical wash and then used the power washer. The paint chipped right off. On some small parts I had to use my nails to scratch it off. I immediately got it washed right after. My car looks fine now. I hope this helps others!

By TEXASDARLING (Guest Post)06/27/2007

I was at my usually car wash place a few years ago and a man came in with his truck spray painted with a can of spray paint. Because he had wax on it as a new car would they buffed it off in no time. Whatever you do, do it soon and keep the car out of the heat.

By Pat (Guest Post)06/27/2007

Supposedly, WD 40 will take unwanted paint off a car. I don't think it could hurt as the finish is baked on.

By Kim Churchman [3]06/27/2007

So sorry to hear it, obviously that was a malicious act! An auto paint shop specialist would be able to take off only the polish and then apply a clear coat to restore any lost shine. good luck!

By Noella [9]06/27/2007

I agree, this sounds like something where the dealer needs to help, especially since the car is so new. I'd also call the police department and your insurance company.

By Belle (Guest Post)06/25/2007

With my husbands car i just used nail polish remover on it. Someone had keyed it up horribley, so we needed to touch up the paint, of course he didnt want me to do it, so he did it himself and messed it up. So I had to go back and fix it, I just used nail polish remover right on the car, ( non-acetone) i even let it set on there for a minute, and there wasnt any damage to the finish.

Of course I would recomend testing it first in an inconspicious area ( like the edge of the tire opening, to see how your finish reacts before actually using it on the main part of the car. If it works then just use a Q-tip and go over the remover. :) I hope this helps!

By Michawn [16]06/25/2007

I'd call a dealership before you try it, they might have a much better idea. Good luck!

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