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Keeping Cut Off Jeans from Fraying

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How do you keep cut-off jeans from fraying? I love to turn my worn out jeans into shorts for the summer, but do not like the little strings that come when it starts to fray. I would love to know if there is a way to stop this from happening.

By McCollonough from TN


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By Vicki Keong [9]06/13/2010

If you call into your local fabric shop you can pick up iron on interfacing. It comes in a few thicknesses and you would only need 10cms (a couple of inches) or so. Turn the shorts inside out and iron a narrow strip along the edge of the hem. It will stick on and you wont even know it is there. Some of the 'no fray' products can be a little scratchy when dry, and that would be most uncomfortable! But Oliveoyl is right, too. The fabric should eventually stop fraying. Just trim any annoying bits off.

By gbk [45]04/09/2010

You didn't say whether you have a sewing machine or not, but you simply zigzag the edge and you keep the pretty frayed look without the tails.

By cettina [78]04/08/2010

Get yourself a pair of pinking shears from a craft shop. They aren't expensive and can be used for many other things. I do the sides of my towels when they start to fray yet are still good in the middle. And snip your jeans to the size you want, it will help them from fraying for a good long while.

By Dorothy [79]04/02/2010

Use fabric glue or I know when I was young and when there's a ladder on my stocking I use to apply natural nail polish or you can machine stitch above the fraying part of the jeans to stop it from going further.

By Cricket [205]04/02/2010

Dritz Fray Check is what Redhatterb was talking about. It can be found in most sewing supply stores. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. It comes in a small 3/4 oz bottle but will last a long time as it doesn't take much to do the job.

By OliveOyl04/01/2010

Cut-offs are supposed to have that frayed look. Just cut off the white strings which come loose after laundering. It will stabilize and stop fraying after a while.

By Joan [13]04/01/2010

I have heard of something called "fray check" or something like that, that can be bought in fabric stores or departments. I have never looked for it, because I am old enough that I do things the old fashioned way, like I was taught in home ec classes. When I cut jeans off for my grandkids, I go the extra step and hem them.

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