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Sharpie on Tile

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My children constantly love to draw and now somehow we have managed to end up with black "Sharpie" marks on one area of the white tile on my living room floor. Is there ANYTHING anyone knows of I can use to remove the marks?

SkyeBlue from Mena, Arkansas



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By Kathleen (Guest Post)01/17/2007

I dunno if this would work on tile, but an ear drying aid worked on getting it off of my laptop's hard surface. Just put a few drops on a towel and rub on the surface!

By magic eraser worshipper (Guest Post)06/18/2006

i think a magic eraser would be your best bet.. my son used a black sharpie on the underside of my dining room table (light unfinished wood) and the magic eraser amazingly took the ink right out with a few swipes..

By Doggy (Guest Post)06/12/2006

Is it only one tile, in a visible place? Don't laugh now....How about, devote one tile per child, have them 'decorate' their tile (under supervision) and seal them. They're little messes now, but someday, they will be precious reminders. <3 <3 <3

By Sandra06/02/2006

I read somewhere that vegetable oil will remove permanent marker - on that line, Murphy's Oil Soap is a vegetable oil derivitive, also.

Good luck!


By allison (Guest Post)06/02/2006

Try WD40. The vet I used to work for used it on his floors to remove marks.

By Allison (Guest Post)06/02/2006

I've used nail polish remover and a q-tip to remove sharpie from plastic before. Maybe it would work on tile, too.

By (Guest Post)06/01/2006

try the product that removes dried paint, it's called 'oops!'. Or try a mr clean magic eraser.

By (Guest Post)06/01/2006

Dry Erase markers, the ones that rub off white boards, will help negate the permanate ink. Try over a little bit of the mark and see. If the tile is really pourous, may not work as well, but worth a shot.

By scarlett mathis [7]06/01/2006

You could try some alcohol. I've heard that it works also. Good luck!

By Robin (Guest Post)06/01/2006

I have found that acetone or fingernail polish remover with acetone in it works with getting sharpie off of hard surfaces. pour it on and then uses a rag to rub it off. I don't know if it will hurt your tile, but I have used it on other surfaces that my 2 year old decided to hinder her artwork upon! I also found hiding those silly things works too ;)

By K from Oz (Guest Post)06/01/2006

I have found methylated spirits removes most permanent maker pen stains on almost anything. If that doesn't work maybe you could try white spirits.

By Patricia (Guest Post)06/01/2006

Try nail polish remover it always works for me

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