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Salvage Grocery Supplier

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I would like to start a salvage grocery in southern Indiana, and would like to find some suppliers. Can anybody suggest reputable suppliers?
Any help would be appreciated.

By Pete from southern IN


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Question: Wholesale Suppliers for Discount Grocery Stores

I am currently in the process of opening a discount grocery store in Winona, Mississippi. Can anyone provide me with any information as to where I might get some products to start up with.

By sunshine 710 from MS


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Archive: Salvage Grocery Supplier

I would like to open a store selling bent can goods, frozen goods, and health and beauty aids. Where can I find a salvage supplier in South East Pennsylvania?

Kim from Shippensburg, PA

RE: Salvage Grocery Supplier

I'm originally from Alabama, and a friend of mine owns a salvage grocery store there. They get their groceries from a Super Value warehouse near them. I'm not sure who your major food storage warehouse is in PA, but I'm sure if you do some checking around you could find a warehouse. I know they would like to make some kind of money off items that can't be shipped to the regular grocers. Hope this helps.

Jan (02/24/2009)

By jrenee

Archive: Salvage Grocery Supplier

I am looking for salvage grocery distributors in Missouri or close surrounding states.

By Mary from Lebanon, MO

RE: Salvage Grocery Supplier

The I-44 Mall in Sarcoxie, Mo. 64862. I think they are going out of business, so I hope you make it in time. Linda :o) (02/18/2010)

By Linda :o)

RE: Salvage Grocery Supplier

Better late than never, in Cabool right off the highway, there is one that has great prices, cannot think of the name. (09/20/2010)

By meoowmom

RE: Salvage Grocery Supplier

Check out Finish Line Foods out of Wisconsin. They sell to many stores out in PA area and have a great selection of fresh frozen and canned goods. (12/28/2010)


RE: Salvage Grocery Supplier

I can supply what we call a banana box of frozen and cooler product, except you know exactly what is in it. There are usually about 40 or so different items ranging from 5 or 6 of an item up to 15 or 16 of an item. We specialize in helping the small store by selling our loads in the 3 to 4 pallet range versus buying a truck load of product. Our product is mostly in date (if not it is stated) and is never damaged. You may also want to check out RE Sales Solutions out of St Louis. We have sold to them in the past and they are good with small mixed loads of frozen items as well. (01/25/2011)

By sandcreekfoods

RE: Salvage Grocery Supplier

Call Finish Line Foods at 715-458-0122 Ect 226 ask for Shane they deliver out to Missouri all the time great honest people to deal with (01/26/2011)


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