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Fruit of the Spirit Craft Ideas

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I am 14 and teaching 30 kids about the fruit of the spirit for a summer sunday school program. I have adult helpers, but I need to come up with the lessons, crafts, and stuff like that. I did love, joy, peace, and patience already, but I always have troubles with the craft parts!

If you have any ideas for me... I want to tell you that I am doing kindness and goodness together, and gentleness and selfcontrol together. I have fruit parties planned for the last day! Please help me. Time is running out!




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By sue (Guest Post)10/03/2008

I have been looking for the patience packages and kindness baskets and flags for goodness. If anyone knows where to find those or what might go in them. Are they 4-5 age suitable? They sound very interesting. Thanks

By Darlene (Guest Post)10/01/2008

We made a large tree and put velcro on large pieces of fruit we laminated so we can use it every week. We are working with four and five year olds, so we continue the lesson every week. Repeating some things over and over and then adding new things to keep their interest. When we work on one of the fruits we write the fruit (love) in large print on paper and tape it up. Then I made two each of the alphabet laminated them got two baskets and the kids make two teams (we have up to 16 a week) and do a rely race to the basket to get the first letter (l) then run back the next one gets the o etc. do a different fruit.

We are also learning the Song "Fruit of the Spirit Cadence". They love it (google to find it). We sent copies home for their parents to help them, since many of them don't know them. It helps when they understand what the kids are doing and hopefully want to get involved' enjoy...we are also doing the Armor of God and were able to find the armor at Life Way.

We also bought an armor game and had everything enlarged and laminated. We velcroed them also so we go back and forth. I give out certificates when they learn either one or a song. God Bless all of you who teach Sunday School.

By Jennifer (Guest Post)01/23/2008

Mustard Seed Necklace (Matthew 17:20)

Supplies needed:

Large size wiggly eye
small piece of construction paper
mustard seed (found in grocery stores)
thin cord or ribbon
white glue

Have an adult remove the back of a plastic wiggly eye so that you can use the clear plastic front. Trace around the eye on the construction paper and cut the tiny circle out. Put glue around the edge of the circle. Carefully set the mustard seed in the middle of the circle. Glue on the clear plastic from the wiggle eye over the circle. Let the glue dry. Cut a 2 foot length of gold cord. Glue the two ends of the cord to the back of the circle to make a hanger.

--Christian Crafts--

By Jessica (Guest Post)01/06/2006

There is a song you may already know of
"The Fruit of the Spirit" by Crazy Praiz

By Jessica (Guest Post)01/06/2006

Could someone please help me on the mustard seed necklace. I would like to learn how to make that for my class Thaks ~Jessica

By Kim D. (Guest) (Guest Post)11/13/2005

I am interested in the instructions for patience packages. Our lesson for children's church this week is patience. Thanks!

By K (Guest Post)09/01/2005

I would like to know more about the following ideas that were suggested earlier...patience packages, baskets of kindness, flags for goodness(simple), the mustard seed necklace, gentle response booklets, coloring pages are found on websites, forgiveness craft, gratitude jar- kindness, mustard seed bookmark idea. A I find more I can let you know. Please let me know where these ideas are from because I want to use them and I am on MAJOR TIME CONSTRAINTS!!! Thank you and God Bless you! K

By Antoinette (Guest Post)08/03/2005

Here's an excellent site:

"...MSSS Crafts [is] a directory of children's Sabbath School and Sunday School resources and crafts. Here you will find free crafts and ideas for over one hundred Bible stories as well as other activities for devotions and Bible classes."

By snowflakes4 (Guest Post)08/02/2005

Thank you to everyone who has offered advice so far!!!! It has helped tremendously!! If anyone else has ideas, I am still gathering for my aftercare group. my August lesson- GENTLENESS is complete, but the rest are still needing a few ideas. Again Thank you!!!!

By snowflakes4 (Guest Post)08/02/2005

well, we are kind of in the same boat! Ha! I will try to help with what I have prepared, but I am not sure if it will be what you need? First of all, as someone has mentioned- the easiest way to come up with ideas is by doing a google search( or similar). I had lots of sites pop up, however I did have to refine my search several times- using a various mix of selected words. ex: " fruits of the spirit free craft ideas", etc.
Most of my ideas are from sites like , , , and a few books I was able to find. An idea for "Faith" that I got from the book "CRafts for Christian Values" by Kathy Ross- Make a mustard Seed necklace/ madallion.You can use mustard seeds(found in grocery stores- spice area). I changed it a bit. I am using laminating sheets rather than wiggly eyes to store the seeds to save time. I f you need the original idea let me know. One idea that was shared was scratch & sniff fruit pictures using kool-aid and water( no sugar!) and paint it on to the picture. I have tons of others but it would take forever. I will list a few and if you are interested, let me know and I will give you the info for the ones you need. :^)
patience packages, baskets of kindness, flags for goodness(simple), the mustard seed necklace, gentle response booklets, coloring pages are found on websites, forgiveness craft, gratitude jar- kindness, mustard seed bookmark idea. A I find more I can let you know. Many of the crafts are NOT original, therefore I will let you know where I found the ideas- otherwise it would not be right to use them. Hopefully I am helping! :)

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]08/01/2005

I am putting together a fruit of the Spirit lesson plan for my after-care group. I am using this theme for an entire school year and I am desperate for ideas. I have the lessons set up, but I am having a difficult time finding suitable crafts for each of the nine fruits/character traits. If you have any ideas, suggestions, etc., they would be much appreciated and I would be so THANKFUL!

-Snowflakes4, Tennessee

By Chantal (Guest Post)08/01/2005

What I would suggest is go to and type in what you need! You can find a bunch of cool crafts that the kids will enjoy!

By Linda (Guest Post)07/23/2005

How about starting a banner or posterboard for each child,then letting them decorate cut-out fruits, one at a time, with the word for that lesson. Could decorate with fingerpaint, stickers, foam shapes, sequins, jewels, buttons, pom-poms, etc. Glue the fruit onto the poster and at the end they will have a collection of all the fruits and their words.

By sandy (Guest Post)07/22/2005

have you heard the musica to "music machine". that has songs for all the fruits of the spirit. i have it on a record i guess they still sell it at your local Crhristian bookstore.
i hope the kids learn alot.

By Connie A. (Guest Post)07/21/2005

Try this website, they have a lot of interesting Bible craft ideas. she even has things for the Fruit of the Spirit
Happy Teaching!

By SusannL [33]07/21/2005

I'm not sure about the character traits part, but I have a craft that was very popular with young children. They cut fruit shapes out of colored tissue paper (the art kind), and painted them down onto construction paper with liquid starch. They just arranged the shapes the way they wanted them, dipped a paint brush in liquid starch, and painted over them. The shapes will stick to the paper. The colors in the tissue bled a little making the final arrangement more interesting. It's fine if the shapes overlap. We did this with Thanksgiving cornucopias and they came out great.

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