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Rates for Cleaning Services


I am trying to determine how much to charge for cleaning after a move out. I think there are 2 people. The house is 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. What do you think? How much would you charge?

By Jackie from Reading, PA


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By Lizzyanny 9 1,237 10/27/2010 Flag

A move out cleaning takes twice as long as a regular cleaning. That would be 8 to 10 hours. In the PNW the going rate is $20 hourly in the suburbs and $25 to $30 hourly in the city. I give an approximate bid and then adjust for "surprises" when the job is finished.

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Question: Move Out Cleaning Rates

I live in the southeast and was wondering if anyone can give me some tips on what to charge for a move out cleaning for a rental house. I know it depends on the size of the house. It will include a very thorough cleaning, drawers, cabinets, windows, plus appliances. Do most people charge by the hour, square foot, etc? Thank you.

By Marie

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By Latinaspirit 1 09/05/2013 Flag

I charge by the square foot. I believe that .14 cents per square foot is fair to both parties. You get $280. For 2000 sq ft. And theres no worries about supplies, gas, etc.

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Archive: Rates for Cleaning Services

I want to start a housecleaning service and have no idea what to charge. Is it better to charge by the job or by the hour? There will be 2 people working at one time. What would be a fair price to charge for my area? I am near Atlanta, GA.

By Mimi from Atlanta, GA


RE: Rates for Cleaning Services

Why not call a few services in your area and ask what they charge? No one has to know you're planning to compete with them! :) (10/21/2009)

By lah34a

RE: Rates for Cleaning Services

Call cleaning services and ask them what will be done for a two hour, two cleaner booking. Call all the ones in the book, and you should have a good idea of what the going rate is, then decide what you want to do. You can charge the same, or a little less until you get more experience, or charge by the job until you get really efficient (which will basically be putting the responsibility on you, which is fair). When you get more efficient, you'll still get paid, but it won't take you as long so you can book more. However, if you are experienced and efficient (by your own estimation), that doesn't apply and you just need to find out the going rate.

A few years back, I called a popular service, Merry Maids maybe, and for 2 hours, two cleaners, and $45 dollars, one got vacuuming, picking up anything on the floor, dusting, emptying wastebaskets, counter wiping, picking up magazines, a quick clean of mirror in bathroom. It really wasn't so much. I don't even recall dishwasher loading, wiping stove and fridge, beds, toilets. I think some of that was extra and anything like cleaning the fridge inside or cleaning the stove was much more. Basically people got tidying they didn't like doing. More than tidying, was more. (10/21/2009)


RE: Rates for Cleaning Services

My husband and I do the same thing together and charge $15 each. So for one hour we get $30 total. Sometimes one of us can't make it to a job, so that job turns into two hours for the one person (at $15/hr) and the customer still pays $30. Hope that helps! Good luck! (10/23/2009)

By PainterLee

Archive: Rates for Cleaning Services

I want to start my own empty rental unit cleaning service in West Palm Beach, FL. I don't know how much to charge for an apartment or a house. Can anyone help me decide? Do I charge by the job or the hour? What are the going rates for each approach?

By Elizabeth from West Palm Beach, FL


RE: Rates for Cleaning Services

Cleaning the whole apartment-$25

Cleaning the whole house-$40 (12/08/2009)

By sunshine64

RE: Rates for Cleaning Services

Why not call a few cleaning services to see what they charge? This way you will have a better idea what to charge. Also maybe you could work for one for a brief time. This way you would learn the tricks of the trade. Best of luck to you. (12/11/2009)

By Amandablue

RE: Rates for Cleaning Services

Hello, my daughter is trying to do this also and was told to charge 15.00 an hour and get a list of priority things the owner wanted and go from there. She is posting posters, but calls are slow. Have you found a way to drum up business?
We are in Ocala, Fl (12/11/2009)

By cybergrannie

RE: Rates for Cleaning Services

Hi, I do this on a regular basis here in MS. For an empty apartment I get from $85 to $100. For a 3 bedroom house it is a little more. I do not give my hourly rates out, but I know about how long it is going to take me to clean it and multiply that by $30 per hour. The more you clean, the more efficient you get at it. It will come naturally after a while as you learn the shortcuts that you can do, and is still a job to be proud of when you are through. I love my job. Good luck.

Kathy (12/13/2009)

By msfixit17

Archive: Rates for Cleaning Services

How do you figure out the flat rate to charge by the cleaning job (not hourly)? Thank you for any information.

By Baha from Great Falls, MT


RE: Rates for Cleaning Services

I had a very successful business for several years. I charged by the hour or by the job. After awhile it all got very simple. I charged $30 an hour (I'm in the big city). I found that almost all houses took between 4 and 5 hours. It didn't matter what size they were, smaller houses are more cluttered and dirtier, so they take as long as a big house. So I would tell people what the charge would be for....say...4.5 hours, or $135.

And I would also tell them I could give them a firm figure after I cleaned the house 3 times. People seemed OK with that. I also told them that the 1st cleaning could take as much as twice that unless the house had been thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis (ie twice a month). I had a few that took 3 times as long. I considered these "rescue" situations. People knew the situation, and I never had a complaint. Good luck! (04/16/2010)

By Lizzyanny

Archive: Rates for Cleaning Services

I'm interested in starting a cleaning service that focuses primarily on new construction homes. I want to charge by the house, but I have no idea on how much to charge. Any ideas? Thanks.

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