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Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

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I just tried the baby powder method with a very small knot in a very thin gold necklace and ended up with the original small knot and at the other end a very large knot. Other ideas?

Connie from Forestville, CA



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By Corrina J.12/30/2013

Canola oil and tweezers! Then I gently rubbed the knot with my middle finger and thumb. Then put a paperclip through the hole (circle) - then I was able to get the knot out and this was all under 45 seconds! Thanks for the tip!

By Sally [16]10/29/2013

(posted via email)

I had a very slim gold chain disentangled by the olive oil and pin trick from your website, however I used a sharp tooth pick. It was really effective. Thank you


By Heather (Guest Post)02/23/2009

Oil and pin. Worked in one minute. Thanks!

By Gwen (Guest Post)02/22/2009

Just wanted to say I've spent 2 days trying to get the not out of a silver neck chain. I tried olive oil and didn't need any pins. The links loosened up in less than a minute I got the knot out.

By Kim G. (Guest Post)12/17/2008

Wow! The olive oil and two needles worked perfectly! Within 2 minutes the knot was gone from a very thin white gold chain! Thanks everyone!

By Trish (Guest Post)12/17/2008

Does anyone actually know how gold chains get into knots, sometimes overnight without being touched?

By Samantha Jones (Guest Post)08/09/2008

Absolutely brilliant! The oil and pin trick. I'd spent the best part of 30-40 minutes trying get to my little knot out of a new necklace that i hadn't even worn yet, I was so frustrated. Then I came on here and in less than 30 seconds, it did the trick.
Thanks so much - I will pass that little snippet on. :*)

By Pam (Guest Post)02/20/2008

Thanks for the help. I will try the oil method.

By george (Guest Post)01/12/2008

The olive oil worked great. I used a microscope and 2 pins and in less than 3 minutes, the knot was out and this was an ultra fine link "chain within a chain" design.
The OLIVE OIL is the key. It permits the links to slide over each other effortlessly. Thanks for the help.

By cindy (Guest Post)12/21/2007

I put olive oil on my thumb and index finger and then rubbed the know slowly between the two fingers. I took two safety pins and was able to loosen two knots in a very thin chain. Thanks for the suggestions - they were extremely helpful.

By Emily (Guest Post)11/21/2007

The baby powder method didn't work for me. What I've found is the easiest way is rubbing the knot between your thumb and forefinger gently to loosen the knot, then picking the knot apart (either with your fingers or sewing pins) It only took me about 2 mins and the necklace has been knotted up for at least 2 years.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

How do you get a knot out of a thin gold necklace?

Jerry from Hanover, PA

RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

Would sliming it up with soap work so that you can loosen the knot without breaking? Maybe lard, crisco or oil? Let us know.

~Frugal for Life (03/21/2006)


RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

Lay the chain on a small plate and pour a little drop or 2 of veg. oil on it. Use 2 pins to work the knot apart. Then carefully wash the chain in soap and water (with the drain plug closed!) (03/21/2006)

RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

Use baby powder (talc or cornstarch would be OK). Shake the entire necklace in a baggie with baby powder and it should start to come loose. Use straight pins (or sewing needles) to separate the links. Good luck. (03/21/2006)

By Nancy Maloney

RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

A drop of olive oil, two pins and really good light. IT takes some time, but be patient. Work on a surface that you can stick the pins into, and won't be ruined by a drop of olive oil. Good luck (03/21/2006)

By Brandy

RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

A fine needle, a magnifying glass (preferably hands free) some good light - and a lot of patience. (03/21/2006)

By slw1299

RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

I've read somewhere that baby powder works great. (03/21/2006)

By Nancy

RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

The oil and 2 pins on a large flat surface... always works. (03/21/2006)

By Mary, Crown Point, IN

RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

Try holding the necklace (just above the knot) with a pair of tweezers. Then get a fine needle and if you can poke it in the knotted part. Hold the needle and the tweezers tight and gently shake them back and forth, it should loosen the knot a little. Either keep shaking with the needle or once it's loose use two pair of tweezers. (03/21/2006)


RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

You need a person with very good eyesight and a lot of patience! It can be done! (03/22/2006)

By sheri darling

RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

Thank you to everyone who suggested the oil and pin trick. I just tried it and it worked like a charm!!! Make sure to use a magnifier as well if your nearsighted vision is lacking... (09/16/2006)

By Susie B.

RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

I tried the baby powder in baggie trick, and it worked like a charm! (04/29/2007)

By L

RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

Using a baggie with baby powder and shaking it REALLY works! I just used it for a necklace that had 2 knots and both came out with about 5-10 minutes of work. Thanks! (05/13/2007)

By Nikki

RE: Getting a Knot Out of a Gold Necklace

I tried the baby powder trick for getting a knot out of necklace and it really worked. Thanks for the tip. (06/26/2007)

By Norma

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