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Growing: Veronica

Botanical Name:


Common names:



Veronica comes in many sizes - from varieties with creeping habits to 2-foot plants suitable for beds and borders. Attractive compact flowers in shades of blue and red grow on upright spikes surrounded by deep green foliage. The flowers bloom nearly all summer long and on taller varieties, make great cut flowers.

Life Cycle:



full sun


Sow seeds in the spring or transplant cuttings during summer or fall. Veronica prefers moist, well-drained soil and a sunny exposure. Thin seedlings to a distance of 9-12 inches when they are large enough to handle. Keep soil evenly moist and mulch around plants to control weeds. Cut back plants in spring and deadhead spent flowers to encourage growth of leaves. Propagate by division in spring or fall.


division or seeds

Parts Used:

roots and leaves

Harvesting and Storage:

Harvest roots in fall. Cut leaves and use fresh as needed.

Medicinal Uses:

astringent; mild diuretic; expectorant; digestive aid, topically to treat skin conditions

Culinary Uses


Other Uses:

containers; cut flowers; rock gardens

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