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Parakeet Behavior


Why is my parakeet biting?

By Elizabeth


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By Rhauny 1 1 04/20/2011 Flag

Parakeets bite for many reasons. Did you just get your parakeet and he is scared? Perhaps your parakeet is very protective over a certain toy. It could also be because they are pregnant or are protective of it's other parakeet friend. Are you feeding your parakeet? Cleaning his cage, feeding him things other than seeds? You have to put yourself in your parakeets shoes, because depending on an individual bird they may bite for various reasons.

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By Lana Kutynsky 6 4 04/20/2011 Flag

It could be that your parakeet is showing affection or that he/she is scared. I let my parakeet bite my nails to show that I am not here to attack him. When I call her name she flies right to me. :O)

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Question: Raising Parakeets

My boy parakeet seems to be feeding the girl. What does that mean and is she getting all her nutrition she needs?

By Michy from Chicago

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By heather inwood 13 226 05/25/2013 Flag

It could be a mating ritual - you don't mention the age of the birds. Google information about parakeets or Google parakeet breeders & contact them as they are full of useful information.

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Archive: Parakeet Behavior

I have a parakeet and when I take her out of her cage I watch her and she starts to move her beak like she is speaking, but no sound comes out. What is she doing? I have two other cockatiels and they do the same thing. What does it mean, what are they doing?

Jitterbug from Oneonta, AL


RE: Parakeet Behavior

From 15 yrs exp. caring for budgies, to me it seems like the bird is eating, like regurgitating from its crop. Sometimes they also do that when they're happy. It's a good sign, at any rate. They love you. (11/23/2005)

By gator10tx

RE: Parakeet Behavior

It's a self comforting behavior, like rocking, done to relax and enjoy. As long as there's no gagging/neck contorting, it's a good thing. (11/23/2005)

By Doggy

RE: Parakeet Behavior

That means they're just getting used to the's not a bad thing. They're just feeling the air out. My bird is never in its cage and she only did that for the first couple of weeks. (12/12/2005)

By BirdLover

RE: Parakeet Behavior

Parakeets are one of the best talking birds. They have tiny voices and speak very quickly. Talk to your bird and say phrases slowly. Maybe he'll learn and want to talk. My last one spoke and I gave him to a Spanish speaking family. He also learned to speak Spanish. (04/18/2006)

By valery

RE: Parakeet Behavior

They need some grit in their diet. In nature they eat small rocks to digest. Basically, what is going on is they are trying to get the food to digest, so buying grit from your local pet shop and putting it into another food dish will help. (03/11/2007)

By Jen

Archive: Parakeet Behavior

We just bought a parakeet yesterday and brought him home. Since then he has not chirped, vocalized, eaten, or drank much. He is not preening. We called the pet store and the guy said that he is just nervous and acclimating to his new environment.

He does not appear ill, but he is not doing much of anything. He can fly from perch to perch for example when he is scared, but mostly he stays in one place like a statue. Do these behaviors most likely mean he's just nervous? And if so, do you have any suggestions?

By Emma from Centreville, VA


RE: Parakeet Behavior

I have cared for a lot of birds. This behavior seems normal for a new bird. He just needs some time to get comfortable and feel safe in his new home. Give it one more day and try not to stare at it so much. I've have this problem even with my birds of four years when I change their cage. With time it will get adjusted. If you see him sleeping too much and loosing balance then you might want to take him into a bird store. (09/07/2010)

By azuniga

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