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Bill Me Later Websites

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Does anyone know of any websites to where they send you the bill with your shipment, like buy now pay later? You were able do it on, but they are no longer available. Any help would be appreciated, I am trying to start early on my Christmas shopping for kids and family. Thank you so much!

By Brandi from TX


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By sherry [7]09/05/2010

Every company I apply for doesn''t approve me for credit, so I just have to pay for everything right at the store.

By sherry [7]09/05/2010

I ordered from LTD Commodities once in 2008 but after that up until now 2010, they want credit card info before you can checkout

By Gloria [5]08/22/2010

ABC Distributing also known as LTD Commodities. Set up your account as a business on line. I've shopped with them for years. Do a web search for either one.

By Amy Singh [3]08/21/2010

Okay this isn't technically deferred billing, but Sears and Kmart offer layaway. It does cost $5 to start a layaway order and there's a fee for cancellation. If you can afford to put a little bit towards your purchases every two weeks, the prices might end up being less than many of the "Bill Me Later" websites.

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [67]08/21/2010 You have to set up account as if you were a business. So make up a name, use your home address and info. Warning somethings you may want to order early, don't wait till the last minute.

By Marti S. [20]08/21/2010
they will offer that option at checkout and then also begin to send catolgs of sister stores which offer it too.


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Archive: Bill Me Later Websites

Does anyone know where you can shop online for clothing with bill me later?

Felicia from Canada

RE: Bill Me Later Websites

Here is a link from the "bill me later" website for the clothing stores: (02/22/2008)

By Kaelle

RE: Bill Me Later Websites

The sites that have that option will show it at check out time, more and more sites are going to this procedure, because it can't be hacked. It does slow things down though. (02/22/2008)

By squeeky1

Archive: Bill Me Later Websites

I am looking for "Bill Me Later" websites that don't do credit checks?

By Karen from Walton, KY

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