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Permanent Paint on Auto Glass

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Does anyone know of any paint that can go on auto glass and is permanent?

Danny from Florida



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By Van Tripper01/29/2012

Funny how people can't just answer a question. This is what I did. Glass etching cream from Hobby Lobby, left on for 15 minutes rinsed with water, remember to protect car body with tape and paper, I used house painter tape and newspaper, then re-paper and sprayed with primer, light sanded then sprayed with flat black, then with color code white. Wanted window to be light proof so painted black, but also wanted van to blend in so painted to match body, has lasted 3 years. Hope this helps, good luck.

By Pitchwest08/20/2011

@Herry: Funny. So you don't know. The answer is not, "why do you want to do that" or "look it up in the yellow pages". Also, the question is not "is this legal?" I too would like to paint my car window. So I looked it up and this page came up. Not helpful! There are millions of reasons I may have for wanting to do something and really don't need to give a reason. That said, does anyone know anything about painting auto glass, so it won't weather off?

By Harry (Guest Post)02/26/2009

My first question is this for your auto and why do you want to paint thr glass. Yes, it is possible but if this is for you auto there are state laws that vary from state to state on how dark the windows can be and what windows can be darken. I would get a piece of glass,it doesn't have to be auto glass from a hardware store or a glass shop and do some experimenting with paint to see what works best for you. You also can buy tinting film that is made to apply to auto windows from an automotive store or look in the yellow pages window.

By Judi [18]02/25/2009

Several years ago when we had a pet store and 45 fish tanks we used paint pens from the office supply store to write on the tanks. They came in many colors and were like a fat magic marker.

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