Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

We are infested with fleas, I guess lots of other people are having this problem this year. it's VERY frustrating and driving us NUTS. We've got more flea bites than the CAT! I guess they're called "sand fleas" or something like that. They come in from the grass outdoors on our clothes and such.


Anyway... I've seen posts about 20 Mule Team Borax and also about SALT. We've tried the Diotamaceous Earth - it works a little bit but the fleas are still here.

We have a very old house with pine wood floors as well as area rugs. Do you recommend Borax or salt and how should we use it?

Thanks so much in advance for a prompt reply from anyone who knows.


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I tried the salt and it didn't work. I am now going to try the borax I hope it works! You know what I mean.

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I had a house that had a terrible flea infestation, I used the table salt method and it worked! The thing to do is completely saturate the base boards and around the heat vents with table salt and completely saturate the floors also. Leave it on the floors for 24-48 hours and vacuum good afterwards. I haven't had any fleas since.

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Please be careful using salt and other such things with your pets. I tried the salt method in the past, as it was told to me by a friend. One of my cats got salt into her eye (probably from wiping her face with her paw), and it caused her to have a terrible eye ulcer. With several trips to the vet, meds and time, her eye healed, and I was so thankful.

Also remember, that if it is left on the carpet where your pets walk, it is getting on their paws and could dry their paws out, and they also lick their paws. I wish I knew of a perfect solution. I've been using the flea treatment from the vets. I hate using it, but I don't want them to be overrun with fleas either. I'll keep reading up to see what's out there.

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Just noticed that someone mentioned not letting pets or children into the room, until the salt was vacuumed up. That is great advice! I also like the suggestion about the pie pan, nightlight, pie pan and syrup and some of the other suggestions. Thank you.

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I tried the salt and its easy and perfect! No Fleas! No damage to my cheap but nice vacuume:P

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We are infested with fleas, I guess lots of other people are

having this problem this year. It's "very" frustrating and

driving us nuts. We've got more flea bites than the cat! I

guess they're called "sand fleas" or something like that. They

come in from the grass outdoors on our clothes and such.

Anyway, I've seen posts about 20 Mule Team Borax and also

about salt. We've tried the Diotamaceous Earth, it works a

little bit, but the fleas are still here.

We have a very old house with pine wood floors as well as

area rugs. Do you recommend borax or salt and how should we use


Thanks so much in advance for a prompt reply from anyone who



Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Grind 1 box of salt in your blender until powdery. Sprinkle all

over carpets and under all furniture cushions. Do not vacuum for

10 days. Don't go barefoot as it may burn your skin.
Vacuum up all salt on the 10th day and you will be bug free.


By Annie

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

We had the same problem a few years back. We used a tip on borax

from my aunt's long-time bug man out of Florida. Anyway, he had

said to spread the borax in the house and let it sit as this

will suffocate the fleas. Then, after about 20-60 minutes to

vacuum it up. I believe I did this treatment twice. He had also

said to spread Diazinon all over the yard (this is safer than

most chemicals for the pets and family members) to control the

problem outside. It worked for us and hopefully you will have

the same luck. (09/23/2005)

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Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

I got a "recipe" to rid fleas from the internet using both borax and salt:

  • 8 parts borax
  • 1 part salt
Leave on for 2 days and vacuum. It is supposed to dry up fleas

and their eggs. (09/23/2005)

By Yvonne

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

One year we went crazy with sand fleas! We tried flea bombs,

sprays, etc, but nothing got rid of them. Finally, I asked my

vet, and he sold me a product. I forget the name of it, but it

was a "time released" spray and it worked great! He explained to

us, that we were only treating the adult fleas, but not the eggs

that later hatched. So, I would suggest contacting your vet to

see if he has a similar "time released" product that kills your

existing fleas now, and the eggs as they hatch.

As far as the borax and salt, I've heard it suggested before,

but I would imagine that you would need to do the treatments

over a period of time, to also rid yourself of the egg hatching


Also, after you vacuum, immediately throw your vacuum bags away,

if not the fleas escape out of the bag and you still have the

problem, this is a little costly, but certainly worth it in the


Hope this helps!

By Debbie from New Jersey

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

My advice is to try Advantage, available from either your vet or

online at, or at any one of the other online

petstores like, etc. Weigh your cat and then

buy the appropriate dosage for her/his size. Be sure to read the

directions thoroughly, but basically you just open the small

tube and place the contents on the back of their head (spread

the hair away first for best contact) and your flea problems

will immediately begin to be history. This stuff works

remarkably fast and is safe, too. 98% of the fleas should be

killed within 24 hours. Repeat in 30 days and you will very

likely be rid of your flea problems without having to do any

flea dips or house sprays or yard treatments.

We have two large house dogs and several indoor cats and we

once were literally infested one summer and the situation seemed

hopeless. Then our vet suggested that we give Advantage a try

and we have been a believer ever since! We now only treat in

May, then August, and sometimes in October and we have not had a

problem with fleas since we began using this stuff about 6 years

ago. Good luck! (09/25/2005)

By Cindy


Put banana peels around in your rooms for a couple of weeks I

know you will find this works. Hard to believe, but the first

time I tried it I was stunned. (09/29/2005)

By Janneba

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Please, Do NOT use Advantage for flea treatment on your cat! It

damages their nervous system. You should try Fleatreat; it's a

supplement you give to your cat according to the body weight,

minimum two a day for cats 0 to 29 lbs. It usually takes between

10 to 20 days to kick in, but it is worth the try since nothing

else works or is good for you cat. If your pet has a slow

metabolism and at the same time is infested badly, you might

want to start with more than two per day. Also, this supplement

is good for them and makes their coat really shiny and smooth.
Good luck. (11/10/2005)

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Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Someone wrote about vinegar and fleas. Vinegar and alcohol

work, but can be drying. Peroxide also works and no burning.

My vet recommended Deflea Natural Chemistry, look up, halo cloud nine, and I've tried Halo, a bit greasy and am now on

Deflea Natural Chemistry. Also, will use borax and salt. Each

has its own job; so you must use combinations. (11/19/2006)

By Ellen

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Plain ol' baking soda sprinkled everywhere will work, too. I

leave it on the floor for several days then vacuum, but it's up

to you. Baking soda, like salt mentioned in other posts, isn't

toxic to pets. (12/04/2006)

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Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Frontline medicines works best for cats! I had 3 kittens, a cat,

and two dogs. For the dogs, K9 Advantix works pretty good.


By Susan

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Visit the local feed store and buy a bottle of iodine. They sell

it in large bottles to treat cattle and horse wounds. Put a few

drops in the pets drinking water each time you refresh their

water. They will never know it is there and the fleas on the pet

will disappear.

Place pie tins of water under lamps, fleas are attracted to

the light and when they jump for the light, they fall into the

water and drown, I'd suggest both inside and outside. The sand

fleas can be quite annoying, but not impossible to get rid of

with the right combination of treatments.
Good luck! (12/30/2006)

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Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

For old hardwood floors, I did this, because I think they live

in the grooves, I swear. I mopped the floor with bleach and mint

oil, bugs don't like mint oil (even flies) and certainly can't

deal with caustic properties of bleach.

Then if you like, remop with Old English wood soap or something.


By Kelsey

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Also, you can use plug in night lights, a pie pan, and regular

syrup. The fleas jump towards the light and land in the syrup.

Unlike using water of which most jump back out of, they get

stuck to the syrup automatically and die. I killed over 300

fleas in one night just using this method in one room.


By Lynn

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

I love the borax and salt ideas, can't afford the commercial

products, not too sure I want to put the chemicals on my 4 cats

and 1 dog. I am wondering if the borax and salt will hurt 'my

kids' before I am able to vacuum? Thanks, Kathy

Editor's Note: Keep the animals out of the room until

it is vacuumed. Then it should be fine. I usually put mine

either outside or in another room until it gets done.


By Kathy

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

My mother always used brewer's yeast on our dogs. I'm not sure

about using it to get rid of fleas, but I do know that it is a

preventative, and especially if you have gotten rid of your

problem in the house, but not in the yard (or neighbor's yards,

which is our problem), put the brewer's yeast on your dog's

belly and legs. It keeps the fleas from jumping on your pet when

you let it out.

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Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

A great idea for those who don't like the smell of chemicals is

to buy a bunch of flea collars and cut off the metal. Then use a

meat grinder or whatever you can to grind up the collars into

small pellets or pieces and spread them around the area for

whatever amount of time you like 2-4 weeks is good. Then vacuum.


By Charles

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Please do not use Bio Spot on your cats. My pet store

recommended this product to me. I bought it and put it on my

cats. It did nothing to keep the fleas away or kill them. One of

my cats almost died. He was so infested with fleas after using

the Bio Spot that he became severely anemic. I had to rush him

to the hospital where they almost had to give him a blood

transfusion. (06/24/2008)

By Grace

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Someone mentioned tea tree oil as a prevention for pets. I am

not sure if this is true, but I have read that tea tree oil is

very poisonous to cats. You might want to do some research

before trying it.

Also, about borax, I used it in my house and it seemed to

work (fingers crossed) however, I wish I had read these articles


htm. I would NOT use borax if pregnant, or else consult a physician


Also, if your pets are severely anemic or have white gums or

look very ill from the fleas, take them to the vet and don't let

them back into the house until the infestation is taken care of.


By Allison

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

I used the borax/salt last year and I had excellent results.

Every morning I filled one of those sifters (the kind of sifter

you use when sifting ingredients together to make cookies) with

1/2 borax and 1/2 salt, sifted it around the rooms and hours

later before anyone went upstairs, I vacuumed it up. I did this

for 3 days in a row and within a week I had no more fleas. A guy

working for us told us his family would put medicated foot

powder on their socks and walk around. The fleas hated it and it

killed them off. (08/09/2008)

By Cindy

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

I have always used a 50/50 mixture of borax and salt, sprinkle

it around, give it a good brushing into the carpet and leave it

for a few days. I vacuum in about 3 to 4 days and within a week,

no more fleas. It lasts about a year and always works. The borax

kills the adult fleas and the salt dries up the larva and eggs.


By Jackie

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Have used borax for years in California and here in Florida. It

works like a charm. Just make sure you let it set long enough

and vacuum a few times afterward. Never tried adding salt to

it, but might give it a try next time if we get another hot/wet

spell. (09/13/2008)

By Fred

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

OH gosh! Please read up on borax. Prolonged exposure can cause

kidney failure, red peeling skin, respiratory problems, impair

fertility and can cause birth defects to the unborn. Salt seems

the best way to solve a flea problem. Also minced garlic mixed

in your pets food is also helpful. 1 clove for every 20 lb. your

animal weighs. If you want to skip the whole pop the garlic

clove and mince yourself, you can get a jar of already minced

garlic and it lasts forever! 1/2 teaspoon of already minced

garlic = 1 clove! (09/24/2008)

By oh gosh

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

The borax is a great tip. I was surprised no one mentioned using

old fashioned pet flea dip. It works great and works for a

while too and is way cheaper than the spot treatments. Look for it

at pet supply stores by shampoos. (10/20/2008)

By glo

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Feeding pets garlic, brewer's yeast, or B vitamins has not been

shown to be effective against fleas. Also, pennyroyal,

eucalyptus, rosemary, tea leaves, and citronella have not

provided effective control. In fact, overdosing of garlic or

onion can be irritating or toxic to pets. This was on a site

from the Ohio state university.

Please check out posts before doing them.
I didn't realize this and gave my dog some minced garlic this

morning, now I just pray she won't become ill while I am at work


By <a href="



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Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

I don't have a solution per se, but a veterinarian and an

exterminator told me that flea eggs hatch every 2 weeks, so the

treatment must be followed every 2 weeks so the new eggs don't

hatch. That is, of course, once you find a treatment that works.

Good luck. I hope you find one and when you do, please post it.

I don't have a pet, yet I've gotten them in my house because

the same vet and exterminator said they come in on your clothes

and shoes.


By <a href="


Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

I use Frontline Plus on my two dogs. It poisons the dogs skin,

when the fleas bite it kills them. My two little dogs run all

over the house exterminating fleas. I will try the salt and

borax in the yard; I know that's where the dogs get the fleas

from. (12/10/2008)

By Michael

Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

If you use salt, be careful. Salt attracts moisture. If you

treat in the summer your carpets will be drenched in a day or

two. And when you vacuum, well we all know what salt does to the

outside of a car in winter. I already ruined one Kirby vac. Use

a good shop vac with a floor attachment.


Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

I recently took my cats to the vet because I found fleas on

them. I had another cat for 20 years [who had to put him down],

but I never had a flea problem in all the 20 years I had him. I

was new to fleas! My two new cats were adopted, and I recently

discovered the world of fleas, and they are very annoying. My

cats [past and present] are strictly indoor cats.

The vet recommended a new [good] flea treatment called

"Revolution," which is applied like Advantage. Not only does it

kill adult fleas, but also the babies and eggs. It also kills

any worms that the cat may ingest due to grooming. Revolution

must be applied every 30 days, and it costs approximately $18 per

cat. To me, a small price to pay to be without fleas!

The vet also suggested a flea spray called "Knockout ES" to

finish the job. It is an area treatment, and it kills fleas fast

and effectively. It keeps you flea free for up to 7 months. I

have a big yard. So I think we may have brought them in on our

shoes/pants, etc. My cats stay indoors, so I was upset. It isn't

cheap. It was $25 for a 16 oz can at my vets office, but you can

get it on for $9.99, well worth it! I couldn't wait.

It takes about 10 days through Amazon.

Knockout ES treats an entire house [2100 square feet]. If you

have cats, put them in a separate room while you treat the rest

of the house. Seal the room the cats are in by shutting the door

securely so they can't get out, opening all windows in that

room, and putting a towel along the bottom of the door so they

can't breathe any fumes. Make sure their litter box is in the

same room with them. I would hold off on the food and water for

a few hours. Maybe feed them first.

Spray everywhere throughout the rest of the house. Think like

a flea. Spray everything. Your whole carpet, under your

mattresses, under sofa cushions, corners, under your fridge,

etc. Spray good, then leave for a few hours leaving all windows

open. Vacuum good afterward then take vacuum bag out to the

trash! Don't leave the vacuum bag in the vacuum, or in the house


Once you're done with the house, do the room the cats were

in. Spray the room, then shut the door leaving all windows open,

and leave the towel along bottom of door. One can covers 2100

square feet, and it really works! I'd give this treatment a 10

out of 10. Don't waste your time on cheap treatments, and flea

collars, they don't work! It may cost you at first, but you'll

save in the long run, and you'll be flea free. Read all about

Revolution online--do your research!

Thanks for listening, and I hope you get rid of any fleas you

have. Best of luck to you! Have a great day, and please take



By <a href="


Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

Skip the chemicals. Even a flea collar is noxious! Imagine it

under "your" nose. And animals noses are how many times more

sensitive? Use the natural stuff, mints, cinnamon, salt, and

borax. Keep kids and pets, they lick their paws/fingers, off the

salt and borax, and vacuum or mop. Use caution on young and old

pets. They are not able to be bathed and chemicaled over and

over again. (05/28/2010)

By <a href="


Borax vs. Salt for Fleas

I have never tried borax before, but I have used salt and I know

it works. If you aren't using your air or heat, I suggest

keeping at least the fan on [if you have that option, I know my

thermostat does] to control moisture. Yes, do put borax and salt

or a flea collar [cut up] inside your vacuum/vacuum bag. You

need to vacuum often and reapply the salt every week or two for

a while to be on the safe side.

As for those who who are worried about the salt getting on

your pet. It is harmless, you can even put it directly on them

for a bit, though you should rinse it off. People worried about

the salt getting in scratching wounds on a cat, I say to watch

your cat, from what I've seen it does not bother them, unless a

cat is being violent, their scratches are pretty superficial.

Extra: For flea bites on humans, buy a bottle of shampoo and

bathe with it after you use your normal soap. It does help to

cut down the itching. When the itching returns clean the bites

with alcohol and apply lotion. Sleep fully clothed head to toe,

wear a headscarf to cover your hair, a hoodie works too.


By <a href="


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