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Hair Conditioner for Shaving Your Legs

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To save a few bucks, use hair conditioner not shaving cream. Shaving cream creates a layer between the razor and your skin while protecting from nicks and cuts. Conditioners work just as well and they moisturize while you shave.

Source: All You magazine

By GrannyGoff from Concord, NC


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By Jacketbacker [30]06/04/2011

Great Idea! I have oily hair, and have tried all kinds of conditioners, that always make my hair greasy I can use them up!

By Dorothy [1]06/04/2011

I have also been doing this for years as I never liked shaving cream. You can use the cheapest hair conditioners from the 99 cent store. Your legs feel so smooth afterwards. I've never done the math but I bet they are cheaper than shaving creams.

By Sheila [3]10/13/2010

I've done this for years! In fact I go a little further. When I shower, I put hair conditioner on me. I rub it all over my body then rinse my skin, my body is getting a moisture treatment.

By Jessica [8]10/13/2010

This is a wonderful tip! I have been doing this for years after I had seen the tip in a teenager magazine. It's cheap and it works great! I also have no problems using it under my arms.

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