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Looking for Shower Wrap Information

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A friend told me about shower wraps she used to help sew for another lady to sell. She said you use a towel that has a wide hem, 4" of velcro to close at top, elastic for around the top and a ribbon trim. Has anybody else made these? I would like to make a couple for my daughter's-in-law for Christmas. My friend had forgotten the measurements used for the small, medium and large sizes. I would just like to hear if anybody else is making these. Also, wouldn't it be neat to make a matching one for the guys?




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By jld [1]09/23/2004

Thanks for the great tip! I have been searching for something to make for my daughter's upcoming birthday and I pretty sure she will love one of these shower wraps.

By (Guest Post)09/22/2004

Very easy and one size fits most. I'm a plus size and I used a beach towel. I have had mine for years and love it.

By Katherine [2]09/22/2004

Oh, I found it. Thanks so much. It does look simple to do.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]09/21/2004

Here's the original URL

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- Susan

By Jayne [3]09/21/2004

I put in a search on Google and the best link I found was There, put in shower wrap sewing. After searching around a little bit I found an easy pattern from Nancy's Notions (still in for making a shower wrap out of a towel. They look pretty nice. Sorry I can't give you better directions to the site, but that's how I found it. Good luck. These will make very nice gifts. --Jayne

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