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Mayonnaise Separated After Being Frozen

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I bought a gallon of Hellman's mayonnaise and it got pushed to the back of the fridge and froze! Does anyone know what I can do to fix the separation? I put it in a blender but it didn't work. I paid a fortune for this gallon of unused mayo.

Marisa from Cumberland, Maryland



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By deb04/23/2009

The same thing happened to me with a quart of hellmans. I went ahead and put some on my sandwich. It was ok & better than driving 25 miles to a store.

By marisa [3]01/26/2009

I would like to thank all of you for the advise.I did try adding an egg yolk and a few drops of hot water to no avail.I did like the conditioner idea...I just might do that.I am emailing Hellmans now to see what response I get from them.Thanks again.

By Estella (Guest Post)01/25/2009

My favorite use of mayonnaise is to put about a teaspoon on each pork chop or chicken piece, rub it on and then dip in breadcrumbs. Bake or cook on the George Forman grill, the mayo keeps it from drying out.

Also, I make salad dressing using Mayo, vinegar and sugar. About 1/4 cup vinegar, little more than 1/4 cup sugar, mix that then add about a cup of mayo. Shake it all together. Great salad dressing, coleslaw dressing too (can be thinned with milk.)

Your mayo would work with either recipe, just stir it together, a little bit of separation or lump won't hurt it at all.

By Barbara Huggins [8]01/25/2009

I don't know where Chris got the idea that it was spoiled.
I agree with florida gal; email or call Hellmann's and see what they tell you.

By (Guest Post)01/25/2009

Here is a page I found on (doing a google search). Interesting. Doesn't say not to eat it, just it doesn't freeze well and some cooks have fixed the separation by blending in a blender. You could always use it on your hair for a great conditioner....:) ... kwithcondiments/a/mayonnaisetips.htm

By (Guest Post)01/25/2009

I don't think you can freeze mayo, accidentally or on purpose. I would get ahold of Hellmanns and ask.

By Chris (Guest Post)01/24/2009

Hi, I think the best thing to do is just throw it away. I understand you paid a furtune for it. But you could be paying a fortune in medical bills by eating something that was spoiled. Salmonella poisoning is nothing to mess with.

By Coreen Hart [73]01/24/2009

Since it is only separated and not frozen, try using it up in salads and things where the separation won't show. It can't hurt you!

By Carol L Craig [17]01/23/2009

You can email Hellmanns and tell them your problem and they will try to help you.

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