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Removing a Hem Line From Jeans

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I have a pair of nice dress jeans that I had to hem. I would now like to take out the hem because they shrunk a bit. There is definite 'faded' line at the edge. What's a trick to get rid of the line so the fade line doesn't show?

By Kljohn from Crawford, CO


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By Kim Churchman [3]04/22/2009

Back in the day we used to hide those by putting embroidery or whatever all around. I can just see it with crystals.

By Patricia Taylor04/22/2009

SHARPIES permanent pens now come in many colors, including blue, or whatever color your jeans are. By the time the Sharpie color fades, your denim will have faded, too.

Pat T in Nevada

By kathleen williams [23]04/17/2009

Press with steam cloth wet with vinegar,it works on dresses, good luck.

By Cyinda [214]04/17/2009

You can't really get rid of a fade line. But you can camouflage it by taking a fine permanent marker in a matching color, then lightly draw little lines up & down on the line. Unless the jeans are dark black, then use the marker to color in the faded area. If it's to dark, rubbing alcohol can sometimes remove (or smear) permanent marker ink. If the jeans are light colored, you can use a colored pencil, but you'll most likely have to do it again after washing. I use a black sharpie on my black pants when I've splattered bleach on them. I've also use a blue colored ball-point pen on bleach spots on blue jeans.

* If it were me, I'd buy a matching color of lace (blue or black) from a fabric store then sew the lace over the faded line! This will look awesome!

By vickie guy [38]04/16/2009

A permanent marker comes to mind.


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Archive: Removing a Hem Line From Jeans

How can I remove the line from jeans that were hemmed and then let down?

Kathy from La Plata, MD

RE: Removing a Hem Line From Jeans

I really don't think that is possible. My suggestion would be for you to add some sort of trim or fabric. Sew it over the worn looking hem line. Now you have designer jeans! It is very popular these days. Judy in Alabama (11/11/2006)

By bjptl

RE: Removing a Hem Line From Jeans

I have successfully used a matching permanent marker in the past (Mom of 4, many let downs and let ups.) (11/11/2006)

By Mama

RE: Removing a Hem Line From Jeans

Try using white vinegar on pressing cloth. It works on other fabrics. (11/11/2006)

By BettyW

RE: Removing a Hem Line From Jeans

I like Judy from Alabama's concept. Of course you've washed and pressed the jeans? Even more than store-bought trims, if you embroider? This is a very hot fashion statement these days. Have fun! Rose Anne (11/11/2006)

By wordswork

RE: Removing a Hem Line From Jeans

I see that look all over the place right now. They are doing this on purpose in the stores. Just press and wear, you will be styling. (11/14/2006)

By Dede

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