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Removing Car Grease Stains From Clothing

When cleaning mechanic's uniforms where they wipe their greasy hands; what kind of detergent is supposed to be used?

By Zack from Chicago, IL

Recent Answers

By fry411807/09/2013

Use gain pebbles two cups of cheap pine cleaner and regular detergent now the gain pebbles are only for fresh scented clothing

By Jane Mae11/18/2009

Try WD40. I'd spray it on and let it set for at least a half hour. It works at taking out sharpy marks off clothes and also tar on car surfaces without damaging the surface. Good luck.

By MummyLeigh11/12/2009

Washing up liquid. It also gets sudocream out of clothes, too!

By Cajun [55]11/11/2009

Another old method of removing grease and paint from work clothes is to wash them separately using [electric] dishwasher's pretty harsh on clothing, so don't wash the everyday clothing with this method...

By keepsy [1]11/11/2009

Try rubbing lard ( shortening) into the stain and then wash as normal, it may take a few attempts, but the grease in the lard/shortening will eventually take out all the oil stains.

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