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Burnt Food on a Teflon Pan


Can a Farberware Millenium Teflon skillet be restored or used after food was burnt onto it?

By Debbie


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By katrina 5 232 10/06/2010 Flag

Teflon cooks and flakes off into the food and causes all kinds of medical problems. They should not even be allowed to be sold in this country along with aluminum which also has been known to cause the same, especially Alzheimers. And PLEASE research this if you have doubts, as there is all kinds of documented proof!

Please try to get either a good cast iron skillet which DOES cook into the food as well but it is IRON and helps us as most of us are iron deficient anyway!

Or good stainless steel at least; glass is excellent to cook in as well; and I have had good success finding good ones at thrift stores; Vision ware it was called; along with glass pie pans and cooking pans!
Good luck and stay healthy!

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By Danielle 2 2 10/08/2010 Flag

Yes, I personally have witnessed teflon coming off and showing up in food. I threw out that pan. But if your pan is still working properly, my MIL did this on a stainless steel pan. She put a little water in it and put it on the stove and heated it up. Took a spatula, I'm guessing a plastic spatula for a teflon pan, and scraped the food off while the pan of water is cooking. It may not be the quickest solution, but it worked.

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Archive: Burnt Food on a Teflon Pan

Can anyone tell me how to remove burnt-on food from a Teflon pan?

Barbara from Nashua, NH


RE: Burnt Food on a Teflon Pan

I have tried this and it works. Get a dryer sheet and put it in the pan with some warm water and let it soak overnight. You will not believe it. All you have to do is lightly wash it out and rinse. (11/22/2005)

By Mary

RE: Burnt Food on a Teflon Pan

I cover the burnt area w/water and sprinkle dishwasher compound over it, then let it soak. I'm not sure what this does to the Teflon, but if it's burnt it's ruined so it's worth a shot. =) (11/22/2005)

By timjamie

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