Grease Build Up on Oven Control Panel


How can I remove grease from the control panel on my oven? It is black and grease has built up on it and I have tried a lot of different things. It is not a slick smooth surface, the surface is somewhat textured.

Pat Branch from Asheville, NC


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By Jaime (Guest Post) 03/06/2006

The very best thing to remove grease build up on my stove is a magic eraser. They average $1 each and they will clean several things before they are used up. And the good thing is that you won't need any cleaners, just the magic eraser. Trust me, once you use one...you are hooked!

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By Randa (Guest Post) 03/06/2006

At a dollar store buy the product called awsome
it is cheep and good. I cleaned a vent a hood in a home that I moved into. that had grease build up about a inch thick.

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By gator 1 47 03/06/2006

The best things i've found to clean off grease is Dawn dish detergent; if it's not available where you live, use any de-greaser you may have on hand; check to make sure your degreaser has no caustic chemicals that might mar your surface. Since your stove has texture, you might also try scrubbing it gently with a fingernail brush. You could also add baking soda; it removes stuff like Comet (r) of Soft Scrub (r) and does not scratch surfaces.

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By Krista findley 2 03/06/2006

I love Dawn Power Desolve. That works on everything and anything I've tried it on.

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By Kelly 20 512 03/06/2006

My husband uses lighter fluid (like for Zippos) We had a gas stove in a house we bought, and my husband cleaned off the top with windex, then got the trouble gunk with lighter fluid (let it set for 30 sec) and it looked brand new!

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