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Ink on a Linoleum Floor


How do I remove pen ink (biro) from my linoleum floor?

Tracey from Queensland, Australia



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By bioqubit (Guest Post) 07/13/2008 Flag

Windex worked best. Isopropyl whitened the lineolum too much. Oxyclean had hardly any effect. A paint thinner was useless.

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By DM (Guest Post) 12/25/2008 Flag

Windex to get most up first, Then small amount of acetone followed by water and soap. If you use acetone initially it smears badly.

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Archive: Ink Stain on Linoleum Floor

My 2 year old was drawing with a pen and the tip broke off and got ink all over her and my linoleum floor. I've tried everything that I could think of to get it out. What do you suggest?

Ginger from California


OOPS or GooGone

OOPS or GooGone, both available at WalMart, Home Depot, etc. (06/27/2005)

By linda

Oxy Clean

Go to Walmarts and buy a small bottle of Oxy Clean in the spray bottle and spray on the floor, leave a min. or so and wipe it with a damp rag, this should work, let me know if it does, (06/27/2005)

By Annette

Goof Off

I would try "Goof Off". Goof off can be purchased at any major stores. I know it's great getting sticky labels off too (so is WD40). (06/27/2005)

By pbcml


Windex is really good at removing ink, but I recently had some fabulous luck with an item bought at Dollar Tree called Awesome. Fingernail polish can take the floor finish off, so be careful. You can try to scrub lightly with a green or white scrub pad. Good luck! (06/27/2005)

By suzi homemaker


You might need something containing acetone. If there was no acetone in the nail polish remover you used, try another brand, it might work better. You can also purchase just acetone I believe at a beauty supply store. Also to try, lighter fluid or gasoline. Be careful! Duh, they're flammable! (just a little disclaimer for my hint) I know these work on other stains & stuff on linoleum. (06/27/2005)

By kidsNclutter

Sol U Mel

Sol U Mel by Melaleuca will remove it without harming the floor. I used it on school bus upholstery that was deliberately soaked with ball point ink and that had been left untreated for weeks. It will also take out permanent maker. contact thru website @ (06/28/2005)

By Ladybugv2

Isoprel Alcohol

Isoprel Alcohol - just pour it on and let it sit for awhile. Wipe off and try again if the stain is still there. (06/28/2005)

By Craftd1.


I used oxyclean and a scotch scrubntoss pad, the stain is almost invisible, but nothing else would work I tried everything: nail polish remover, windex, rubbing alcohol but oxyclean worked the best. (08/11/2005)

By Beckie

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