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Floral Wire Jewelry

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intricate light green wire necklace, bracelet, and earrings

Gorgeous gorget jewelery made with florist wire. The inspiration for this jewelery came from gorgets worn with medieval armor.

By Isobel from Scotland



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By Annie Rios Hill [14]03/19/2009


By jessica [1]03/13/2009

I love that! Its beautiful! I bet you could sell those and make a lot of money! Let us know if you decide to sell them and you'll probably have customers on here! Us frugal girls like to be pretty too. LOL : )

By Lorraine [20]03/13/2009

This is absolutely beautiful.

By Elaine [173]03/13/2009

That IS gorgeous! Had to have taken you hours to do. I would like for you to share the method too please!

By Coreen Hart [78]03/12/2009

Omigosh! That is gorgeous!

By Kendy [5]03/12/2009

This is lovely, is it crocheted?

By marion davidson [22]03/12/2009

That is such a beautiful colour. Must have taken you hours to make.

By Carolyne bush03/11/2009

That is amazingly beautiful! So intricate! Can you share with us how you made it? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

By Barb Hopkins [6]03/11/2009

This is absolutely gorgeous! How do you do it and what thickness is the wire? Thank you so much for sharing!

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