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How To Use A Featherbed

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How do you use a featherbed? Do you use it over the mattress cover or put the cover over the feather bed?




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By Elizabeth A. Z.09/26/2014

I have been looking at how to cover a featherbed so I won't have to smash it down with the fitted sheet and found out that the company that makes my heavenly linen sheets in Hong Kong will custom make me a cover (out of natural flax linen) for the featherbed I am looking at. They will do this for a very, very excellent price. I am so excited! They are called Linenshed.

By Robin L. Burris [3]07/24/2007

I agree featherbeds are great,but i am very sensitive to smell and I can smell the feathers even if it has not gotten wet. I would put it under the fitted sheet to help it stay in place if it fits right it shouldnt move to much i would think, but i don't actually own one just sleep on one when visiting my mother-in-law.

By Jennifer Nelson [1]07/18/2007

I use my feather bed on top of the mattress and put the bottom sheet on top. It is wonderful! So comfy in the winter :-)

Northern Virginia

By Noella [9]07/18/2007

I guess either way will work, but I put the featherbed on top of the mattress cover so each time I change the sheets, I can fluff up the featherbed. And contrary to the other poster, my back pain went away when we got the featherbed. So I guess everyone is different.

By Donna [15]07/13/2007

I bought a featherbed a couple of years ago, i just put the featherbed on the bare mattress, then put the mattress cover on the featherbed mattress, then wen't ahead and made up the bed as desired. Featherbeds are tricky, they can cause sooo much back pain if you already have a troubled back as i do, that is why i bought the featherbed in the first place. it is much better to use a memory foam mattress pad, they last alot longer, and don't bunch up like the featherbed. Good luck with it, be sure to put some sort of protective barrier on the featherbed as they tend to smell if they get wet. you can get a generic memory foam from very, very reasonably

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