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Biting Insects in Carpet


I have a 10 year old son with cerebral palsy who has his face to the floor while he plays cause he can't sit up on his own. He has got these bites on different parts of his body. It's too late in the season for fleas. So what could it be that is biting him? And how do I get rid of the problem in my carpet? THANKS!

Sheila from Flint, Michigan



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By Pattie Hartley 2 104 10/19/2007 Flag

Don't be so sure that it is too late in the season for fleas. I am in Wisconsin and just had to flea bomb my house yesterday because they were so bad. When we went to the vet to get flea medicine for our puppy they said this has been one of the worst years for fleas.

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By Barbara (Guest Post) 10/19/2007 Flag

A few years I had a flea problem that quickly got out of hand. Money was too tight for an exterminator so I did some (quick) research. I discovered that the easiest way to kill fleas was to spread 20 Mule Team Borax on the carpet, the furniture, under the beds...wherever a flea might hide. The directions are easy: sprinkle it on, brush it into the carpet with a broom, and leave it there 24 hours. After that time you vacuum it up and the flea problem is gone. I was amazed that it worked so quickly and efficiently.

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By Karen 10 65 10/19/2007 Flag

I'd say fleas too we haven't had a frost yet, besides indoor fleas can live and breed forever. Try frontline on the pets.

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By Holly 367 1,263 10/22/2007 Flag

If not fleas, is it an allergy to something in the carpet?
Actually, I'm still getting bitten when I go to stores, so something nasty is still in the carpet.

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By Mary Lou 14 765 10/22/2007 Flag

I agree don't discount fleas, but it may also be spider babies. If your weather has been damp lately or your home is prone to spiders, they will bite for lack of other prey. I am allergic to them myself and get itchy welts from them.

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By Linda (Guest Post) 10/22/2007 Flag

Try spreading out a clean sheet for him to play on.

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By jeanette anderson 5 11 10/22/2007 Flag

its not to late in the season for fleas i repeat its not to late i have them and wish to get rid of them i vacume a lot i have sprayed flea stuff and sprinkled they are still there. help!!!! (Shelia i am your fellow neighbor in Detroit)

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By Melissa 10 10/23/2007 Flag


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By Julie 48 564 10/23/2007 Flag

rent you a carpet cleaner and you will get rid of them. any grocerie store rents them and some include the liquid clearner detergent. you can rent one for 24-49 hours for about 25 dollars. you'll also get up dust mites there eggs and any type powders or such that you may have tried to use for fleas that may be causing him a skin reaction.

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By Loretta (Guest Post) 11/19/2007 Flag

I would suggest you get a carpet spray or powder that has an IGR (insect growth regulator). This is soooo important! If you don't, you will keep buying the same products over and over because you will kill only the adults and leave the eggs and larvae behind to hatch later. There are many different kinds of indoor bugs that can bite. Pick a product, one that has a wide range of the kinds of bugs it destroys. Zodiac, Enforcer, Zema and Adams are good. You can find them at hardware stores, home stores, and on the net. I just learned this myself. It took me 3 months and a pile of money before I stumbled onto this. It could be fleas, silverfish, firebrats, lice, carpet beetles, spiders, etc.. You could have several different kinds and not know it, depending on how long the problem has been around. Good luck!

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By quiverful7 (Guest Post) 11/19/2007 Flag

It could possibly be mites. If you have seen the "culprit", you can call a pest control company like Terminex, describe the bug/insect, and they can give you some suggestions. In my situation, my family began to break out in hives and we couldn't figure out what was causing them. We also began to see these red, circular, flat bugs. The peculiar thing was that we only would break out when we sat on this particular (used) couch that was given to us by friends. Terminex told us they were mites, get rid of the couch, then vacuum and vacuum excessively. We didn't need any kind of chemicals, and Terminex didn't need to come to our home. They let us know that foggers would be useless and that mites can live in extreme temperatures (heat and cold). Hope this helps.

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By Hawkeye Exterminating Inc. (Guest Post) 12/05/2007 Flag

Sounds like fleas. Fleas will last all year inside no matter what the weather is outside. A female flea can lay 50eggs a day and over 2000 in a lifetime, even if your pet is being treated you will need to treat inside your home to kill all the eggs, larva and pupae. Fleas lay eggs deep within beds, carpet, sofas,etc..anything fabric. when you walk or sit you cause a vibration and that makes fleas excited so they will jump on you bite you and jump off, but even if you go out you can carry them with you and continue to get bit. If pets have a product like Frontline..not shampoo's or flea collar, and a pest control company sprays out the inside of home you will be pest free after 2 weeks..pest control company will have you do some prep work before spraying.

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By klee54 (Guest Post) 12/08/2007 Flag

I know the invisible bitting things are some kinds of mites. They cause an itch that makes you crazy and bites that sting, hurt and cause bumps and welts on your skin. Not only are they in carpet, but can be transfered to any kind of surface. This problem has consumed my life and I'm convinced that prayer is my only hope.

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By Kris (Guest Post) 02/02/2008 Flag

These "bugs" are very very small and black, I didn't really have a problem with them until I used a carpet cleaner, and perhaps too much, guess they liked it. What is very frustrating is that our home is only 3 years old - I've noticed them in my sisters room, she owns the home, as well and I am fairly sure they are in my bed as well, because they don't look like the bed bug description that is given.

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By anaonomous (Guest Post) 03/17/2008 Flag

As you've said it could be fleas but could someone please tell me if a carpet beetle is harmful to a cat? We found a bunch of them in her food bowl and in her cat food bag! now she is sick! I don't know what to do!

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By Sam (Guest Post) 06/12/2008 Flag

I have used everything from Ortho Home Defense, a spray for mange mites, commercial pest control, a mixture of things that aren't even on the market anymore. Things that are hazardous to pets and people! Each time I find new dead bugs on top of my carpets. They started in one room due to a water heater going out and soaking my carpet. Now they are everywhere---even on my outdoor carpet on the porch.

The main culprit is a little black biting bug shaped like a triangle with a tail, barely visible. (I have a magnifying glass). Now my dog has ear mites and I am itching and breaking out. I don't know if it has anything to do with this particular demon bug, but it is all happening simultaneously. We are going in now to take a lice shampoo as a temporary fix until I get to WalMart and come up with something else.

Does anyone know what these things are and how to get rid of them? I am a very good housekeeper and have almost white carpet throughout my house. (Berber) These things morph into different colors and intertwine with the different carpet threads. Any suggestions are appreciated. And yes, I have shampooed at least once every six months. Please help me. I feel like Job. I live in a lake area and have a lot of trees, flora and fauna. It's ruining what could be my Garden of Eden.

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By BRIAN J HENRY 1 06/19/2008 Flag

HI They recently opened an old office at work that had been locked for over a year and I spent the night inside as I do security work. After just 5 minutes, I was itching like crazy all over and in the morning I was red raw. Two weeks later, I had red lumps on many areas of my body.There was no carpet or furniture in the office, just a concrete floor and bare walls. I couldn't see what was actually biting me, they certainly were not fleas or ticks or anything that could be seen with the naked eye.

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By cjj (Guest Post) 08/15/2008 Flag

I too I'm constantly being bitting by something that I can't see. It only happens while I'm sitting at my computer, and there is NO carper in that room. The bites are always around my ankles, legs and have move up toward my hands and arms. I can't see them with the naked eye but the bites really hurt and itch. I am now rubbing alcohol on me all the time. I was told that these are tiny fleas, and I have never own a pet. My crawl space do have the plastic down and I can't possible see it being fleas, what is bitting me. this only happens in that room.

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By nd (Guest Post) 08/26/2008 Flag

I have the same problem, invisible bugs jumping and biting my legs. It's only in my bedroom, which is carpeted. No real marks, except I scratch, and apparently scratch in my sleep until I get very small scabs.

At about the same time I had what I believe to be termites coming in through a crack in the window frame, so I went ballistic and literally sat around for hours squishing these things, and sealed up the window frame with caulk.

Anyways, they stopped coming, but the invisible biters have not. I vacuum and they seem undeterred, so I think I'll be shampooing the carpets, and see if that helps.

If it's successful, I'll be sure to post.

Also, your allergies can change as age, and as a kid I was allergic to some chemical that was sprayed in my elementary school's carpets. I would break out in hives, and get a stuffy nose. Try a machine washable blanket in response to your child being on the floor.

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By tami (Guest Post) 09/16/2008 Flag

omg I have the same prob. We just moved into our new apartment. Within the 2 weeks, I, my son and brother have been getting bit by something around our leg area and I can't seem to find what or where it is?

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By jd (Guest Post) 10/13/2008 Flag

I once had fleas in carpet that started in the living room and quickly multiplied throughout the house. The vet gave the dogs frontline and gave me a aerosol can of "Siphotrol" The fleas would bite and then just disappear, it was really maddening. Anyways, the Siphotrol was sprayed everywhere and all the bedding, etc. was washed at one time at the laundromat. We never saw them again. PS bug bombs will only kill the adult fleas but the vet stuff killed everything.

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By have called off for 2 weeks already! (Guest Post) 11/22/2008 Flag

I am in Kentucky and having the same problem. only now I can somewhat see them and they are so tiny that I went and got a microscope! some are white and stuck to the walls. some are black and in anything with fabric! greyish in clothes. You definitely can see something but I don't know what! they are most active at around 2-5 am but I feel them all day. I have 2 daughters and a single mom and cant afford to have all of these non educated exterminators coming in and telling me not to vacuum! that is the only kind of peace I get is when I vacuum.

My youngest daughter was the first to notice. one exterminator told me that it was the weather change, so I gave him samples i pulled from my laundry and he said it was just lint, but lint doesn't leave a tar in your clothes when dried on high heat! And it stinks like crap! lol! I am losing it! I have been steam vacuuming my butt off! It helps, but not long enough! Please, please, help!

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By GirlDealingWithSameIssue (Guest Post) 12/30/2008 Flag

I just moved into a new apartment and they claim the carpetting is new however in the dining area which for some strange reason has carpetting, I walk by and am getting bitten up on my legs and back. I am so worried that the mites in the carpetting will spread to the rest of the apartment before I am able to move. They got in my clothes even and I had to throw some items away because watching them didn't get the itchy mites out of the fabric :(. I have come to the conclusion that the only thing I can do is move to a new apartment asap where there are hardwood floors rather than carpetting. Yeah for hardwood floors!

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By Zina (Guest Post) 01/11/2009 Flag

I'm bothered by something biting my legs, arms and even my face. It only happens in my computer room which is carpeted. I have used all types of sprays, vacuum regularly and even shampooed. I have decided to remove the carpet but I noticed that someone else wrote that they have the same problem on uncarpeted floor.

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By Linda H. 1 06/26/2013 Flag

Silverfish especially the one about getting in to pet food and they love hair material the lot I lived in a damp area three houses same problem the last house was infested with them app mash potato and alum powder mixed put in the four corners of all rooms should rectify it.

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