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Chemical Odor After Having Granite Counter Tops Installed

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We just had a stainless steel sink installed with granite counters, and the sink has an awful odor. It was made in China and smells like a rubber chemical or something. I can't get rid of the smell. Any ideas on what to do?

By Gloria from Homosassa, FL


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By Sinkguy09/21/2011

It is the use of inferior padding on the sink ( sound deadening). There is a company that sells the padding to replace this and rid yourself of the smell. check it out this will solve your odor problem. The inferior pads are loaded with petroleum and when you run hot water it will even get worse, that is the chemical smell you are getting.

By victor08/02/2010

I too have had a similar problem after installing a new granite counter top and undermount stainless steel kitchen sink. It's been 6 months now and the odour, which smells like a chemical, has not gone away. I've had several professionals take a look at it. One says the coating on the underside of the sink has not been sealed, another says the adhesives are causing the odour and have not cured. I ran a fan in the counter under the sink for a week with no improvement. Has anyone solved any similar problem? My next step is to remove the sink and install a different one.


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Archive: Chemical Odor After Having Granite Counter Tops Installed

We had new granite counter tops installed with a stainless steel under mount sink. We now have a terrible chemical odor. The plumber can find nothing wrong and we can not get rid of the smell. Any suggestions?


RE: Chemical Odor After Having Granite Counter Tops Installed

How long has it been since the granite was installed? Was the smell present right away? (11/02/2007)

By frontierrog

RE: Chemical Odor After Having Granite Counter Tops Installed

We had Pergo flooring installed (looks like wood but isn't), anyway it had a bad odor that bothered me terribly because of my allergies. Too cold in Maine to open windows so I burned an unscented candle about all day for several days until I could no longer smell it. When I got up in the morning, that seemed to take care of the odor. They said it gives off gasses so I thought why not burn them, like lighting a match when you have a bad odor? (01/28/2008)

By Anna from Maine

RE: Chemical Odor After Having Granite Counter Tops Installed

I am having the same problem after new granite and sink installed over a month ago. I read on another site that it may be the insulation pads on the bottom of the sink, but I haven't checked it out yet. (08/07/2008)

By NCschoolmarm

RE: Chemical Odor After Having Granite Counter Tops Installed

I just put in granite counter tops and a stainless steel under mount sink and am having the same problem. However, I believe the chemical smell is coming from the exterior coating of the stainless steel sink. They spray the sinks with a chemical to make less sound in the sink when dishes or pots and pans are in the sink. As far as I am concerned this chemical spray is poisonous and we must do something about it. It is so costly to take the stainless steel sink out that the manufacturer of this sink should be responsible for removing it and putting the granite back, etc. (09/13/2008)

RE: Chemical Odor After Having Granite Counter Tops Installed

We have had an odor similar to sauerkraut or cooked brussel sprouts, maybe hydrogen sulfide, for six months now. It is enhanced by heat and cannot be defeated by air freshener, so it must be continually released. Since it happens to be in the bathroom, it is not obvious what the source may be, but it does seem to be the new granite countertop. Granite itself should have no detectable odor, so it may be something installers use, perhaps an adhesive/sealer. That should stop out-gassing after awhile, you would think. (12/30/2008)

By altreder

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