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Fixing a Glass Door With Scratches (From A Dog)

My dogs have really scratched my glass door. Is there any way to fix it short of replacing?

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By (Guest Post)01/24/2005

""how to remove scratches from wood""

By Lisa Trudeau01/17/2005

I found this on HELP FROM HELOUISE

Scratches on Glass

Is there a way to diminish a scratch on a glass coffee table?
--Toni Roberts, Bowdon, GA

Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends on the depth of the scratch and the type of glass. You'll need to know which kind you have -- plain, glazed, or tinted -- before trying any repair. Check with your local glass company or home-improvement store for information.
To deal with light scratches on plain glass, apply a jeweler's rouge (available at jewelry-supply stores). Follow the product's directions carefully; you don't want to damage the glass further.

For tinted and safety-glazed glass (which is often used for sliding doors), consult a professional. If the scratches are serious, the safest solution may be to replace the glass, because the entire structure may have been compromised and could shatter easily -- with a gust of wind, for example, or the weight of a pet jumping against it. ... heloise/qas/0,,284574_291852,00.html

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