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Caring for My Dog After It Has Been Spayed


I just had my dog spaded. She does not want to drink water. What am I doing wrong?

By gidgetsplace3 from Fairview Heights


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By Cheryl 1 17 09/18/2009 Flag

She might be nauseated from the anesthesia. If she doesn't get better by tomorrow call the vet, as they have post surgery care included in the spay fee. Good luck.

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By Tammie 32 63 09/19/2009 Flag

Try saltine crackers for her. That will settle her stomach. Then put a little sugar in the water a couple of teaspoons in a small bowl. She will be more likely to take the water then. Offer it to her frequently, every hour or so.

As far as incision care. I used stick deodorant around the far edges as they dont like the taste and will leave the stitches alone. Just be sure to use a new stick and dont get it in the wound. Best of luck.

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 09/22/2009 Flag

The vet should have given you care instructions to take home after she was spayed. I would call them first and go from there.

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Archive: Caring for My Dog After It Has Been Spayed

My little pug a poo, Molly, is going to be spayed in a month. She's 6 lbs. Any advice for a quick recovery and for dealing with her incision? I'll take her to the People for Animals here and she comes home the same day. What about pain? Any advice would would be appreciated.

Valery from NJ


RE: Caring for My Dog After It Has Been Spayed

Use Q-tips with peroxide on them to keep the incision clean after she has gone outside to do her business. As pollen can not be seen, but is everywhere this time of year and could get into her incision. Even particles of dust and dirt can enter "it" while she is doing her business.

But animals are very good about licking themselves and that will help to clean and heal the wound too. So do not scold her for continuing to lick it over and over again. (04/18/2006)

By Paula Jo C.

RE: Caring for My Dog After It Has Been Spayed

My dog never had a collar put on her and she did lick a lot. It seemed to hurt my male dog much more than my female dog. Some places send home pain relievers for the pets. I hope your little love comes through it well. If you are at all unsure, please ask a lot of questions of the pet care provider. It is their job to provide the answers you seek. (04/19/2006)

By smcarney

RE: Caring for My Dog After It Has Been Spayed

Keep her calm and quiet. Only apply to the incision what your vet tells you to. Maybe get her a toy that you are sure she will be quiet with. (04/19/2006)

By Sandy

RE: Caring for My Dog After It Has Been Spayed

Becki, call the vet and he will tell you what you can give her. Feed her lightly and give lots of love and tender care. They bounce back quickly so if you don't see improvement in a day call the vet. You can usually give aspirin, but the vet needs to tell you how much according to the dog's weight. Val (02/15/2007)

By valery

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