Cleaning a Water and Ice Dispenser on Refrigerator Door


I have a refrigerator with an ice/water dispenser in the door. I think the levers you push with your cup or glass are plastic. Over time they have become scratched and appear dirty. I have used several cleansers (Comet, bleach, etc.) and am unable to make them appear clean. Does anyone else have this problem?

By Granny2889 from near Charlotte, NC


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By Deb S. 3 21 03/03/2011

I have had really good luck with CLR kitchen and bath cleaner in the yellow spray bottle. It takes all of the calcium and lime that collects from the water and ice dispensers. spray them really well and let it sit for a few minutes and then spray them again and it should all come off effortlessly! Good luck!

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Question: Cleaning a Refrigerator Water Dispenser

My refrigerator water dispenser doesn't clean like the other surfaces. Any ideas? It seems to be stained.

By Pat

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By Fishercat 5 26 01/17/2012

If it's the inside of the tube that's stained, soak a cotton swab or pipe cleaner (depending on how big the tube is) with vinegar, then push it in and scrub a bit. Pull it out, then turn on the dispenser to rinse thoroughly. You could also try hydrogen peroxide or alcohol if the vinegar doesn't work, but I'd start with the edible stuff. If you use a cotton swab, though, be careful not to get the cotton stuck in the tube.

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Archive: Cleaning a Water and Ice Dispenser on Refrigerator Door

I have a fridge that dispenses ice and water on the outside door. How do I clean the inside of the dispenser? When I look up into the plastic of the dispenser, it is all black. How do I get in there to clean it? Thank you in advance.

By az2010 from East Hampton, MA

RE: Cleaning a Water and Ice Dispenser on Refrigerator Door

You can try running distilled vinegar through the dispenser. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and is non-toxic (unlike chemical cleaners). I am not sure it will get the black out if it is a mold, but it might. If it doesn't, you may need to call a repairman who would remove the dispenser and clean it for you. Good luck! (06/27/2009)

By obamabum

RE: Cleaning a Water and Ice Dispenser on Refrigerator Door

I appreciate the feedback, but it is not the hose that is black, it is the inside of the plastic that houses the water tube. How do you get in there to clean it? (06/28/2009)

By az2010

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