Removing Paint On Cabinets


How can I get paint off the wood on my kitchen cabinets?

By Teena from Seattle


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Question: Removing Paint from Kitchen Cabinets

What is the best way to remove paint off of kitchen cupboards?

By Rosie P

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By redhatterb 1 672 02/11/2012

The only ways that I know of is to either sand them or use some type of paint stripper.

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Archive: Removing Paint On Cabinets

I just painted the kitchen, but some of the paint is on my cabinets. What should I use to remove the paint? Just around the outer part of the cabinets.

LaVerne from Upper Marlboro, MD

RE: Removing Paint On Cabinets

Latex or oil paint? OOPS sold in most hardware or paint stores removes some latex paints without harming wood finish. (04/17/2008)

By Patti R

RE: Removing Paint On Cabinets

Goo-be gone at Wal-mart or WD40 both work great. It is worth a try. Good luck. I use it when I paint which is a lot. (04/21/2008)

By Bonnie

RE: Removing Paint On Cabinets

Test an inconspicuous area, but lighter fluid works. Have you tried just a green scrubby, dish soap, and elbow grease? Sometimes that will work. Also, stuff called Goof Off. It's just like the Oops stuff Patti mentioned. Good luck! (04/21/2008)

By LAnBfflo

RE: Removing Paint On Cabinets

If the paint is fairly fresh, but dry, what I have done is wrap a thin rag around a putty knife or flat screwdriver and gently rub it off. That allows you to get very close to the painted surface and create a neat edge. It won't work if you've let the paint cure too long. (04/24/2008)

By Beth

RE: Removing Paint On Cabinets

Ammonia or for us ladies, lemon ammonia. (10/12/2008)

By Stacy

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