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Cleaning Shower Curtain Liner


How do you clean a shower curtain liner? I try to be frugal and would like to clean mine rather than buy another.

By sundrops61 from Brockton, MA


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By Meemaw 57 115 07/05/2009 Flag

I've put mine into the washing machine and washed on the gentle cycle.

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By OliveOyl 602 07/05/2009 Flag

Same advice, wash in the washing machine with a few bath towels. Add some bleach to kill any mold/mildew. It may appear wrinkled but they will smooth out over time.

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By Julie 48 565 07/05/2009 Flag

Same as stated; wash on gentle in the washing machine. We have a clear liner so I spray the bottom of it with spray n wash stain remover and add a bit of detergent to my wash and a teaspoon or two of clorox to kill germs and then i hang mine straight back up on the rod rings to let air dry.

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By Linda 3 50 07/05/2009 Flag

I have a white fabric shower liner which can be washed in the machine and comes out looking great! It never ripes and can be washed as many times as I need. It costs a little more but is well worth it.

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By Ranji 2 1 07/05/2009 Flag

I have a clear shower curtain liner and I wash it in the washing machine with regular laundry detergent and a little bleach. I immediately hang it back onto the rod then I turn the hot water in the shower on and aim the shower head towards the curtain and let the hot water run down it to smooth the "wrinkles" out, works great!

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By Nancy Keim 5 07/06/2009 Flag

I wash in the washing machine with a little bit of Calgon water softener purchased in the grocery store. It dissolves all the scum. I use the same Calgon for cleaning shower doors, fiberglass, etc.

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By mcw 80 1,752 07/06/2009 Flag

I eventually threw out a fabric shower curtain liner since it was costing me more money to wash it. Now I buy several cheap plastic liners at the dollar stores for $1.00 each. It lasts about 4 months.

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By margaret spurlock 4 27 07/06/2009 Flag

Same here
I wash mine in the washing machine with soap and bleach with towles then i take it out and put it in the dryer for just a few min and hang it no wrinkles and nice and clean
mine last me a long time and i buy them in the colors that match my bathrooms

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By Sandy 1 5 07/07/2009 Flag

I wash my shower curtain with my towels. I hang the curtain back up to dry. Hope this helps.

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By carolyn 8 51 07/07/2009 Flag

I wash my liner in hot water in my washing machine with my towels. I then put the whole load in the dryer. Works great. Be sure to hang up the curtain as soon as the dryer stops to avoid wrinkling.

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By Bev 3 21 07/07/2009 Flag

Not much to add to the other tips, but I opted for a more expensive and thicker liner because I knew it was easy to clean in the washer. Between washings off and on give the liner a spray on the inside (tub side) with a disenfectant spray like Lysol or diluted bleach in a spray bottle to help keep down mold/mildew on the bottom of the liner. Let it sit for a while before rinsing off with shower if you use diluted bleach. Doing this has kept our liner in use for over two years now. If only it was that easy to keep the kitchen sink clean!

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By LMay 10 52 07/07/2009 Flag

I put mine in the washer with towels & then hang everything out on the line. I bought one of those heavy duty clear ones with the metal grommets and going on 3 yrs & only lost 1 grommet.

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By Beth 25 1,120 07/07/2009 Flag

I used to wash mine in the washer, but sooner or later a plastic liner would eventually tear and have to be replaced. Trying to avoid putting any more plastic in the landfill than I had to, I bought a fabric liner that I have had for years and will have for many more. Just wash it with your other whites when necessary.

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By karen g 7 07/07/2009 Flag

I put bleach in tub put in shower liner mixed with some warm water. cleans the mold on curtain and also cleans tub and keeps drains running.

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By Corinne 13 07/07/2009 Flag

I wash mine in hot water with powder detergent. It isn't really a heavy duty one, but its not an el-cheapo either. It comes out nice and clean, no more mildew and actually clear again. I would not put it in the dryer as I think that might melt it... I just hung it up back on the rod and collected the fabric curtain to one corner to allow air to get to the plastic piece.

Another thing, if it gets torn or too cloudy from keeping it for so long (I used to throw them away but discovering it's wash ability allows me to keep it for much longer times, it just tends to stop coming out of the washer clear after such a long time) There are a tone of other things you can use it for, like cutting it into pieces and using it for lining and protectors, etc. We actually use a square of an old one we had to create a steam room effect in our little shower (we have vaulter ceiling in our bathroom and the top of the shower is wide open) get creative.

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By Mista 1 6 07/07/2009 Flag

Instead of using the vinyl which leaks chemicals, we bought a Fabric One, this way it can go right in the Washer again and again, No more buying plastic junk, they are likely to fall apart after too many washings...The Fabric ones are an investment and you might even know someone that has more then one or pick them up at the thrift/garage sale...Check out Craigslist and get signed up with Yahoo Groups: Freecycle in your area, there's also this newer garage sale site,

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By Susan M. 7 77 07/09/2009 Flag

I take mine in the backyard, lay it on the ground, spray it with a homemade ammonia cleaner, let it set for awhile, then use a brush on my mop to scrub the dirtiest parts, then shoot it with the hose to rinse. Dry it on the clothesline and put it back on the shower pole. I used to wash mine in the washing machine, but I found that it was too rough on them and sometimes it would fold and not clean some areas. They don't tear when I wash them in the backyard, and I can see the dirty places that need more attention.

Susan in Omaha

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11/22/2011 Flag

It's a lot easier to just put it in with a small load of laundry (cold water), take it out of the washer and then rehang immediately rather than trying to wash it by hand in a sink or bathtub. I've had the same plastic liner for over four years and it still looks like new. Put them in with items such as towels and shirts rather than heavier metal containing items such as jeans or slacks.

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