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Killing Fleas on Furniture

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Fleas and more fleas. How do I get them out of our furniture? Help!
Thank you.

By George from Long Beach, CA


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By Lilac [18]09/17/2010

Whatever you do, vacumn twice a day until they are gone. This takes care of the eggs that can hatch. Put flea powder on your rugs and vacumn it up. that will kill any that hatch in your bag. Use advantage on your animals while you are doing this. It will work. I have had that problem too.

By Cheryl [1]09/17/2010

Get Fleabusters Rx for fleas. You can get it on line. Sprinkle on furniture. Follow directions. Good for carpets as well. Natural Product. Good for 1 year.

By Robyn Fed [388]09/15/2010

I would sprinkle both salt and baking soda down in the cushions, a lot of it, and they don't like that and it will kill them..I do it all the time.


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Archive: Killing Fleas on Furniture

What kills fleas on furniture?

By jonesgirl from TN

RE: Killing Fleas on Furniture

Tons of salt under the furniture covers, leave it on for a day or two and then vacuum or you could go the original route and flea/tick spray, but salt kills them. I sprinkle tons of it under my top sheet all on the floor and on all the furniture. Borax works too, but salt is cheaper. Not sure why it works, but it does. Keep your trash sprayed with flea spray if you empty the vacuum contents into the trash to kill the fleas. Frontline is great for the animals. The spray is much more economical at 1800petmeds. You spray it on them monthly or when they need it.

Good luck:) (06/24/2009)

By Robyn Fed

RE: Killing Fleas on Furniture

I am assuming the fleas are coming from a pet. If the pet is treated with a monthly flea guard such as Advantage or any other from a vet, the fleas will get out of the entire home, including the furniture. Otherwise you'll just be fighting them endlessly forever. They reproduce daily by the millions and new eggs hatch every three days. So anything you treat on Monday, you have to treat again on Thursday, etc, etc. So first of all get the pet treated, then vacuum a lot! and you can also spray a solution of water and Skin So Soft around the house after the pet is treated. Good luck. I've dealt with this many times and never again will my pets go without year round flea treatment. (06/24/2009)

By SusLuvsVintage

RE: Killing Fleas on Furniture

Go to www.totalpetsupply and click on any product you prefer. I don't know if you have a dog or cat; order specifically for the type of pet you have. (This site is more economical for the product I use than Petmed). Treat your pet! Also, scatter Diatomite (also known as Celatom) around your yard. Get this product from your local pool supply store for around $13.00. The consistency is like corn starch. Put a TBLS or so on a spot on your floor and vacuum it into your vacuum cleaner bag to kill any fleas you vacuum. Salt under couch cushions, etc. if you don't want to use and indoor bug killer (for breathing problems, reactions to coming into contact with insecticides, etc., but you can purchase indoor products you know. Your choice.)

Just do your house, your pet and your yard all on the same day. Do your house and your yard again in 3-4 days. See how things are progressing in 2 weeks. Assess every 3-4 days until you see good results. Only treat your pet once a month and don't use other products on your pet during the month.

The monthly treatment will work in 24 hrs with dead fleas. You may want to buy one vial from your vet until your ordered product has time to arrive from shipping site. My product arrives in less that 15 days, so my first vial came from my local vet. You should be able to buy one, not the pkg of three or six, but even if you have to buy 3 at least you can start your battle against fleas before 15 days. You really need to do your pet, your house, and your yard all on one day. Then your pet every month.

Summer is awful for fleas; get started ASAP and be consistent with that Diatomite and salt or indoor insect killer every 3-4 days if you really want to win this battle. Good luck. E-mail me if you need to; I have a contact site on this website. (06/24/2009)

By hamnurse

RE: Killing Fleas on Furniture

Plain ole rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle! Kills on contact. (06/25/2009)

By Bama_Jypsy1

RE: Killing Fleas on Furniture

Just use Sevin dust. Buy it at a home improvement/garden store. Just very lightly dust it. It doesn't take much and it won't harm you or your furnishings, carpet, etc. You can put it in the bed, in carpet, on pets, on pets bedding, sprinkle on ground, throughout house. (If used outside, after it rains you will have to reapply periodically.) Works like a charm. If you want to find out if you got them all, put a plate of water with a tealight in center (lit) and turn off lights to room. The fleas will go to the light and drown. Lets you know the degree of success you are having. (06/25/2009)

By angel3210

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